Contest of Arms

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Molly Malone, Pandora Blake

In this scenario my character has recently been getting into personal fitness, and goads her housemate Molly into a contest of strength. Molly knows she will easily beat me, and is getting tired of my competitiveness, so she insists on a forfeit: she'll accept the challenge, but only on one condition – that if she wins, she gets to literally beat me, on my bum.

We test our strength with free weights, but when Molly matches me lift for lift, she proposes settling the question in time-honoured fashion: arm wrestle! Of course, all of this is a mere warm-up for Molly getting to really demonstrate the power of her strong right arm – when she has me over her lap and is giving me a sound bare bottom spanking.

This video had me laughing out loud while I was editing it – it contains some moments of comedy gold. Fitness buffs will find it entertaining, even if it's only to laugh at us! (If you actually know what you're doing, don't be too harsh on us; I'm still a newbie to strength training and as the video demonstrates, Molly finds spanking a more than adequate fitness regime!)

Fans of queer porn should also find much to enjoy. Although these two characters aren't an item (never screw your housemates!) there are strong hints that both are at least a bit queer. Moreover the whole scene plays with traditional gender roles and macho performance. This storyline subverts the idea of strength being an exclusively masculine pre-occupation, with our characters playing out a stereotypically butch competition for social dominance – all totally tongue-in-cheek, of course.

Photography: Tricia Sullivan

When Pandora goads her housemate into a contest of strength, Molly agrees on one condition: that she gets to spank Pandora if she wins. They settle it with a time-honoured method: arm wrestling!

Preview Gallery

Contest of Arms - Behind the Scenes

Molly exclaims in shock when Pandora loses to her almost immediately during the first take of the arm wrestle – but luckily for Pandora, Molly calls her by the wrong name, so they have to re-film it. Pandora gets a second chance to avoid instant humiliation!

Also includes chat between shots, and Pandora in director mode asking for longer, harder spanking while over Molly’s knee.


8 Responses

  1. Wow Pandora, this is a totally new side of you. I didn’t know you had this boyish competitiveness. Very sexy. Looking at your arms and shoulders I think you and I might be fairly evenly matched in an arm wrestling contest 🙂

  2. Ok the more I watch this, the more I would LOVE to arm wrestle you Pandora. Losing an arm wrestling match is an awesome way to feel dominated.

  3. Well, I only started lifting weights a year and a half ago so I think it’s a new side to me 🙂 My arms and shoulders are, I think, looking a little better now than they did last summer when this was filmed. Perhaps it’s time for another weights contest video!

    I don’t think I’m very good at arm wrestling yet but I’m always up for a challenge 🙂

  4. Yep – if you lose, you lose fair and square! Works best with two switches, so it’s a real challenge. It might be fun to revisit this scene with a male switch. I wonder if I could beat Mike in an arm wrestle…?

  5. I enjoyed this scene very much. I should like to see more of these scenes.
    For example two women wrestling who is the strongest. The loser must undergo a
    spanking of course.

  6. My wife and I play strip wrestling, the first one to strip the other wins. The loser is a slave to the other for the rest of the day. She is a female bodybuilder who is taller, stronger and more athletic than I and usually wins. Once she strips me and pins me, she then gets up, sits on the couch and pulls me over her knee for a spanking. We wrestle in our finished basement. One day our neighbor Barbara was out walking on the path behind our house and witnessed me over my wife’s knee getting a spanking as we forgot to close the slider and door blinds before we started. That was one of the more embarrassing spanking I have received.

  7. I recalled this video lately especially for the part where Molly teases Pandora for her bum being a bit wobbly and then Pandora’s “my bum is not wobbly!” reaction. I certainly have a kink for my spanker teasing or criticizing me for have a fat, wobbly (and hairy!) bum!

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