Starting Without Me

Film (22:48 mins) with 42 screengrabs
Blake kneels on a bed wearing a strap on harness, their cock resting on Ron's crotch. Rom lies on the bed, legs over Blake's hips, wearing a leather harness.

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Ron is supposed to be getting ready for date night at a play party, but he’s a little… distracted. When Blake finds him lying on the bed, harnessed up, still not dressed, and desperately wanking, they know exactly what he needs: a thorough spanking for getting started on his own, and a thorough fucking for being so good at it!

After a vigorous smacking and strapping, Blake quickly realises that Ron is so desperate to be filled by their strap-on that the one they’d picked out just isn’t enough. Before long they’re beating and fucking him with their very biggest cock, watching him writhe and moan underneath them.

This is a raw, real film about a dom who truly understands what their sub craves – and a couple who are definitely going to be late to their party.

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Starting Without Me - Behind the Scenes

Blake shows off their truly impressive dick collection, discusses the merits of throat-fucking and blocks out a fantasy for the camera as they settle down on the bed with Ron to get negotiations started. This film was almost as hot to make as it is to watch, and it’s obvious our performers were relaxed and turned on and having a good time on set.


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