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D and Pandora embrace naked on a bed. They are kissing

We planned to just shoot a series of arty couple nudes, but me and D just can’t keep our hands off each other. Skin to skin, our bodies tangled as the temperature began to rise.

Leaning in for a kiss, I was surprised when D grabbed a fistful of my hair. Sparks flew, and suddenly a sweet romantic photoshoot took on a kinkier flavour. Gentle spooning and cuddling became D pinning me facedown on the bed, hand over my mouth. Laughter mingled with the sizzling chemistry of our dominant/submissive connection.

We didn’t plan to shoot explicit sex photos, but when D and I are in the room a hot fuck is only ever a heartbeat away. These pictures document real love, real lust, and real, joyful sex. Happy Valentine’s Day from me, D, and all of us at Dreams of Spanking.


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  1. A set of really special, beautifully erotic yet tasteful photos. They illustrate so well the true love and respect you clearly have for one another. But it is also wonderful that you feel comfortable enough to widen your personal boundaries a little more, and share these with all followers of Dreams. Happy Valentines day, Pandora and D!

  2. How deliciously sexy, and so appropriate for Valentine’s day. A holiday which I am not at all fond of, but may take that back after seeing these photos. Damn you two fantastic lovers!!!

  3. *steams gently from the head*
    I like number 38. Giggles with my rough sex, pls, thx 🙂

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day John! It’s funny – we aren’t doing anything more explicit in these than we have in previous photo sets, but the photos themselves show more, I think, as well as being as tastefully, beautifully shot as everything Matt does. I’m champing at the bit to shoot hardcore video now!

  5. This is wonderful to hear – especially from you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love <3

  6. If it helps at all, I didn’t exchange cards or gifts with either of my partners today, and I’m spending the evening alone. 😉

    I love how these photos came out – I’m so glad you like them too!

  7. This shows everything that is special about this website, taking us on a journey that gives us an intimate relationship with Pandora and everyone that takes part in the unfolding adventures. A truly organic site that provides a personal relationship with the characters, something in my opinion, that no other site has managed to do. This scene takes us to another dimension which can only strengthen the bond of membership.

  8. Awww, I meant to reply sooner. You had an evening alone? Awww lovely!!! As long as you had a pleasant night, I suppose its not the worst thing. I was actually in class Valentine’s night, so meh, but it was nice to see this. 🙂

  9. What an amazing comment to receive – thank you so much. This site is a genuine expression of my sexuality, fantasies and relationships as such is very personal and real. My aim was always to create not just a business but a true community of likeminded souls who could connect and share their fantasies, and know they were not alone. In order to encourage others to open up, it is only fair that I make myself vulnerable.

    Personally I much prefer watching porn featuring real life couples to any other pairing – even if the porn itself is not my kink, knowing the performers are truly into it, and each other, is enough to spark my interest. I’ve always preferred shooting real couples at Dreams of Spanking wherever possible and again, it’s only fair to lead the way myself!

    I’m glad this worked for you, I feel really good about these photos. Which is of course exactly how it should be. 🙂

  10. I spent the evening chatting to AJ, Nimue and Tom on IRC, cooking myself a nice meal, and working on Dreams of Spanking. I don’t really care about arbitrary dates. I saw D on Sunday and the fun we had was more than Valentine enough for me!

  11. Perfect night, simply perfect. I do not really tend to like Valentine’s day much anyway. And seeing D, I am sure it was fantastic. *muah* darling.

  12. wonderful,but i think u should respect D when u talking about him even if he isn’t resist..like saying sir…thnx for sharing

  13. Dude, our relationship dynamic is ours. You don’t get to dictate it. You don’t get to tell anyone else how to do kink. Shut the hell up 🙂

  14. If you’re going around the internet telling people how they should conduct their relationships or do kink, you aren’t going to get very far my friend. This is the sort of opinion you keep to yourself.

  15. Simply the hottest, sexiest, most honest porn I’ve seen in a very long while. Your affection for each other shines through in every photo, just as it does in the flesh. <3

  16. What an amazingly beautiful set of photographs, simultaneous charged with both eroticism and tenderness, with daring and innocence, with playfulness and intensity. Some explicit photos appeal only to the prurient. These are a paean to making love. Wonderful.

  17. I really like the intimacy on display here… it’s so damn hot. I’m a newcomer and I absolutely love the site.

  18. pandora i like your body so much & i like to fuck your anal so so hardly . i can fuck you cruly

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