What Did Your Last Slave Die of?

Film (15:49) with 66 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, wearing only a leather collar and cuffs kneels in front of Mistress lorraine

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It’s Sunday morning, and Pandora knows what that means – Lorraine has clients on the way, and the place needs to be spotless. This week though Pandora’s feeling tired and hungover, and she’s lost track of the time…

While Lorraine picks up the slack for her, she comes across something very interesting: it seems Pandora’s been harbouring a newfound desire to learn more about what her housemate gets up to on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe there’s a way she can get the cleaning done and make some of Pandora’s most secret dreams come true!

Before long Pandora is stripped naked, collared and cuffed, catching up with housework under the watchful eye (and sharp heel) of her new Domme. She’s introduced to a whole collection of canes and other implements, spends a while as a human footstool, and ultimately earns the privilege of pleasing her Mistress as she deserves to be pleased.

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What Did Your Last Slave Die of? - Behind the Scenes

This is a detailed scene with a lot of different elements, so backstage Pandora and Lorraine were in constant communication. Everything that happens on our sets is entirely consensual and carefully negotiated – including the caffeine!


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