Brother Mischief’s Mission

Film (18:22 mins) with 30 screengrabs
Doorstep evangelist Theo Mischief has the tables turned on him today, when potential recruit Pandora Blake takes the proselytising (and the paddling) into their own capable hands.

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Doorstep evangelist Theo Mischief has the tables turned on him when Pandora Blake takes the proselytising (and the paddling) into their own capable hands.

It’s an ordinary day for outreach preacher Brother Mischief – right up till Blake opens their door to him and invites him in for a chat. People aren’t usually so interested, and they certainly aren’t usually dressed like that when he calls. And what are all those mysterious implements scattered around the house?

Canny, curious and devoted to their own agenda, Blake strikes a deal: just one spank over his trousers, and they’ll listen to everything he has to say. At first Theo is reticent, but the spark has been ignited – what more could this mysterious new acquaintance have to teach him?

Before long the meek, mild Brother is stretched over Blake’s lap, neatly-pressed trousers around his ankles and bare bottom high in the air. Rarely touched and always straight-laced, Theo finds himself helpless in the face of these waves of sensation; it’s not long before he’s the one considering conversion.

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Brother Mischief’s Mission - Behind the Scenes

Preparing for this shoot was a lot of fun: first we had to gather a whole community’s worth of spanking toys into one room, and then it was time for Blake to get dressed up in a particularly gorgeous harness! Theo did an amazing job of portraying the hesitant, secretly-eager Brother Mischief, and backstage wound up getting a couple of extra spanks snuck into the script…



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Theo Mischief

As a porn studio, our primary aim is to produce horny films that turn you on. Sexuality and arousal themselves, though, are deeply rooted in far more complex considerations; fear, pain, taboo and trauma all have parts to play, and you can’t understand how to get people hot under the collar without also considering where their shadow lies. In the afterglow of filming a particularly edgy scene – The Bully’s Comeuppance – Blake and Theo found time to sit down and talk some of this through: Theo’s experiences during his first day on a Dreams set, stories of some of the edgiest scenes they’ve each done in the past, and their personal thoughts on the deeply emotive politics of porn.

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  1. Have you ever visited New Zealand Pandora or thought about it? I think I remember you posting about a visit to Australia, but that was over ten years ago I think, around the time that I first discovered you online. Sadly I’m not likely to visit England or anywhere else outside of NZ any time soon, but if you did ever come down here and wanted to take the opportunity to film a scene with a kiwi in the spanking scene I’d love to play a spankee role for you.

    1. Thank you for the offer! It isn’t somewhere I’m planning to go as my personal life keeps me UK-based. If you ever end up in England, do drop me a line 🙂

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