Bound, Beaten and Buzzed to Completion

Film (8:21) with 81 screengrabs
Pandora Blake is bound naked on the bed as Sarah Gregory paddles their bottom

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Sarah and Blake have a bit of time together today, and they know just how they want to use it. After a little negotiation – in which Blake is gorgeously explicit about what they want and how they like it – Sarah gets them frog-tied face down on the bed, completely naked, calves bound to thighs and legs spread in a way that leaves them utterly exposed.

After a little hand spanking and teasing, it’s clear how aroused Blake is by the compromising situation they find themselves in. Sarah tells them just how much of a naughty slut they are as she slides in a large buttplug, and keeps them filled and plugged as she continues to spank, tease and expose them.
This is a gorgeously explicit, completely filthy scene with an incredibly happy ending – and it’s certainly one Blake won’t forget in a hurry.

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Bound, Beaten and Buzzed to Completion - Behind the Scenes

Intense scenes require intense negotiation, and there’s something incredibly hot about the way Blake knows exactly what they like and how to talk to Sarah about it. Join the two of them for a little pre-play chat – and enjoy a sneaky peek at Blake’s post-orgasmic glow!


9 Responses

  1. Wow, what an amazingly erotic scene. Incredibly sensual and intense. As soon as I read your description I knew I had to stop everything I was doing and watch it on the biggest screen available. Just when I don’t think I could enjoy your website anymore than I do you post this. Wonderful.

  2. Oh my gosh, I think this is the hottest film I’ve seen here on Dreams of Spanking! And Pandora, I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s going through my mind right now.

  3. Wow! Fucking wow! Love the sparkly butt-plug, and the way Sarah takes you over her knee! That’s how Maureen O’Hara’s bum must have looked underneath those pantaloons when John Wayne spanked her. Well done Sarah! And what a delicious shade of red you turn Pandora, your bum and your face!
    I downloaded this to Skybox on my MetaQ2 headset. 22 feet screen filled with Pandora’s delightful lady parts. xx

  4. It was a dream come true to film. I love the idea of this on a big screen. So happy you’re enjoying watching it as much as I enjoyed making it x

  5. It’s up there with one of the hottest, most explicit films we’ve shot!

  6. A 22 foot screen of this, wow!
    That butt plug is a favourite that’s been featured on the site before.
    I was red and tingling all over by the end of that electrifying experience.

  7. Viewers shouldn’t try to do this at home – or maybe they should!! Eyes watering in sympathy as the second butt-plug went in…

  8. When I watched this the first time I was amazed at how you were able to have enough self-control to endure the countdown from 10 to zero. How on earth could anyone hold off for that long? But now I know, don’t I, that it certainly is possible! And it was so very amazing! Such a wonderful experience!

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