Sarah Gregory

Based in Hartford, Connecticut

My name is Sarah Gregory, I am a professional spanking/fetish model, and a true born spanko!!! I have been intrigued and curious about spanking since I was 5 years old. I can remember watching mainstream movies that had short spanking scenes in them and being so interested and I would keep rewinding them and watching with such intense focus. I didn’t know why this was, but I later learned that I had what is called a hard wiring for spanking. I am a true “spanko”.

About seven years ago I finally decided to embrace this part of me and learned that it isn’t just a part of me, it is ME and where I feel most at home within myself. I have explored the video and film aspect of spanking, and it has been wonderful and amazing and has made me feel very confident in my beauty and personality. I have also explored the more social and private aspect of spanking. I attend many of the national spanking parties and even run one of them; The Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston. I am in a romantic relationship with John Osborne, another spanking producer, and he and I often collaborate on shoots. I also have so many amazing friends in this fetish community.

I run multiple spanking websites (Cheerleader Spankings, Momma Spankings, Sarah Gregory Spanking, Triple A Spanking, Intimate Spanking, Sarah’s Fetish Play, and POV Spanking). I also have been producing lots of custom spanking and fetish films. If you are interested in customs, please email me.

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