Timed Paddling

Film (13:02) with 78 screengrabs
Pandora Blake is over Sarah Gregory's lap, getting a paddling on their bare, reddened bottom

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Sarah’s rules are clear: Blake needs to look after themselves, keep to their agreed routine and most importantly make sure they’re always in bed on time. For weeks now they’ve been staying up late, ignoring the rules and failing to help out around the house and do as they’re told. The usual discipline clearly hasn’t been working, and Sarah is determined to teach Blake their lesson once and for all. So she’s come up with a particularly devious idea!

We come in just as Blake is waiting in the corner, heart hammering with anticipation. When Sarah orders them over her lap, it’s not for the usual spanking at all: she’s setting a timer, and Blake will be getting one full continuous minute of hard strokes from a thick wooden paddle, over their underwear, with absolutely no warmup whatsoever.

It’s an intense experience. We get to watch as they writhe and struggle and kick, definitely not finding this an easy beating to take. When it’s over, though, they’re sassy and sulky, resentful and unrepentant. Sarah’s still not happy with their demeanour.

There’s only one thing for it: make them take off their underwear, pin them in place with a fierce leg-lock, and repeat the experience over again straight onto the bare. Once the second minute is over, Blake’s bottom is red hot and glowing bright – but their attitude has undergone some serious readjustment.

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Timed Paddling - Behind the Scenes

For Blake, this scene was the realisation of a long-held fantasy – and it’s something they’d been wanting to bring to life for a long time. Sarah turned out to be the perfect partner to explore it with! Join them both on set as they discuss, negotiate and figure it all out – complete with laughter between takes and the usual delicious afterglow.


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  1. Love your spankings with Sarah. Bet she loves your bottom! 🍑❤️🥰

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