Prove Your Love

Film (15:13) with 50 photographs
Preview image for Prove Your Love. Pandora Blake bends over the end of the bed ready to take the paddle from her boyfriend Michael Darling

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Two college sweethearts, both players in their time, want to prove their commitment. Copying the fraternities they each bend over for the wooden paddle: "If you take this, you must really love me!" 

Photography: Nimue Allen

Preview Gallery

Prove Your Love - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes on the set of Prove Your Love, including story planning and Pandora’s indignance when Michael breaks character to apologise for giving her the first paddle stroke too low, meaning they have to reshoot it!



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Michael Darling

Halfway through Michael’s first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thought of the scenes filmed so far.

18 Responses

  1. Ok. Now you are going to make me want to play “Catch Up”, Pandora! I am just loving your videos!

  2. Hooray! There have been some really fun ones lately 🙂 I’m really enjoying working on this site right now.

  3. Yep that’s a pretty hot video Pandora – in the true switchy vein of “If you can take it, then so can I”. Another winner – great stuff, well done!

  4. Thanks John! It’s a great dynamic isn’t it? No fairer way to persuade someone to bend over for something particularly painful than by offering to let them do the same to you in return!

  5. Hi Pandora. I’d love to be your boyfriend so that you can take care of my ass and make them blush across your lap. Kisses.

  6. I’m really keen to explore more male/female switch scenarios now that this scene has gone down so well. The trailer has generated some great comments on Spanking Tube – it seems like this dynamic resonates with people. Let me know if you have any ideas for believable switch situations!

  7. As always when you are there Pandora, the dialogue runs freely and naturally. So, this one was for gender equality? Ooooooo K, but he definitely spanked you firmer than you him!
    Maybe you should work on your darker and gruesomer sides, Pandora? In a Michael’s Dream of being jailed in Forgottenstan or Oblivionara (after someone in an airport put illegal porn in his suitcase), and you are the cruel warden, speaking English with a dreadful accent? Maybe with Adele in your team? Yet NO giggling? 🙂

  8. Actually if the marks are anything to go by, I spanked him considerably harder than he spanked me! Glad it wasn’t too obvious though 😉

  9. I love this kind of “challenge” game, great fun, and I’m a big fan of the paddle. You look really cute in tee-shirt, school knicks and stripy socks, but I think that you are enjoying wielding that paddle just a little too much….

  10. with a big wooden paddle like that? Or maybe you prefer a hand spanking?

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