Spanking for Pleasure

Film (14:03) with 30 screengrabs
Preview image for Spanking for Pleasure. Ron Beastly, lays over Pandora Blake's knee. His underpants are lowered as Pandora spanks him on his red, bare bottom

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After a morning of shooting punishment spanking scenes, Ron Beastly wants to get back in touch with his masochistic side, and he asks Pandora Blake to give him a spanking over the knee – just for pleasure. Free to wriggle and moan as much as he likes, channelling his pain into erotic sensuality, Ron lets go and enjoys the sensation of each smack.

This candid queer porn video shows trans porn performer Ron discussing his kinky preferences. He explains that his favourite kind of spanking is one in which he can explore the sensations in his body and be free to move and make noise as he's spanked.

Pandora obliges his request for a simple, sensual hand spanking which helps him tune back into the sensations he loves. The result is an intimate erotic spanking with lots of caressing, cuddling and gentle hair pulling – an intensely personal exploration of Ron's desires.  

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5 Responses

  1. Wow!
    Ron is in seventh heaven or cloud 9 or some such space during this. He really looks at one point to be drifting right inside his own headspace. I love this phenomenon where the extended application and gradual build up of the stinging sensation can send you elsewhere. In this sort of spanking it’s great the way the intensity can build as well, once the warm up is achieved, so that some more rapid delivery and solid sharp spanks are possible that still continue to give pleasure.

    Nice range of techniques included. It’s particularly good to see some squeezing straight after some of the firmer smacks to really squeeze the sting into the cheeks. No wonder Ron reacts the way he does! There are not many films around with this depth of sensitivity to the pleasure that a spankee can experience from ‘pain’. So lots of thanks, Ron and Pandora.

  2. I wasn’t sure how well this would work out as a video. Ron asked me for a spanking over lunch, and Nimue barely had time to check he was okay with filming and turn the camera on before we got started. But when I was editing it I was surprised to discover how interesting this is to watch. Ron’s natural reactions are amazing! I felt bad about getting him to suppress them for the roleplays we’d been doing 🙂

    I enjoyed piecing this together with Ron’s comments in the interview to create a mini-documentary about spanking, masochism and what it takes to process pain as pleasure. He is very articulate on the subject and it’s lovely to have some video to back up his remarks!

  3. Abit unusual video .Pandora can you more ageplay ones with the girls here?best spanks, Tim. please do.

  4. Ok, i’ve been a long time fan of you all, but too shy to say anything til now. But i have to say, i love your site and all you do. From your progressive mindset, to the interviews with your models on their thoughts, showing you think of them as people and not just commodities, the cute boys like micheal and now ron! Seriously, so much cuteness and hotness here. And it’s made me go form usually only liking M/m and maybe F/m, to liking all of it. I know you probably hear this a lot, but your site makes me wish i lived over there. As a spankee, ageplayer, and a theatre kid, i wish i could be a part of this wonderful thing you all do. Thank you so much for this site. Ok, i’ll stop embarrassing myself now. Thank you.

    J Baby

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