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Preview Image for Erotic Spanking. Pandora Blake, dressed in stockings and heels lays over D's lap for a spanking

Dressed only in high patent fetish heels, sheer stockings, and black lacy knickers, Pandora Blake is ready for an intimate erotic spanking.

She willingly lies across her boyfriend's knee, enjoying the skin-to-skin contact. D is as topless as she is, dressed only in tight trousers and showing off his lean physique and gorgeous tattoos. His lips quirk in a smile as he takes Pandora over his knee and delivers some firms spanks with his bare hand.

Pandora winces at the pain, while revelling in the sensual pleasure of receiving an over the knee spanking from her lover. Once she's warmed up, D pulls down her knickers to smack her bare bottom, before reaching for the hairbrush and turning her cheeks bright red.  

A bare bottom spanking with a real-life couple. Topless in stockings and fetish heels, Pandora Blake lies over D's knee for an erotic spanking, before he lowers her knickers and picks up the hairbrush.

Photography: Matt Christie


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9 Responses

  1. Dear Pandora,
    I’m a German Customer of your wonderful site and especially of the strong spankings of yourself, will say of your gorgeous round bottom otk by hand or bend over by the cane. But In the last months there is – that’s my impression – too much mm spanking and may be too much fm spankings in the videos. Please concentrate your actions more on the glowing female posterior like yours or the one of for example Amelia Jane Rutherford with her great performances.
    Your Juergen from Germany

  2. It’s comments like this that let me know I’m doing it right. Gender egalitarian porn by definition means that you aren’t the only audience – I have scenes aimed to appeal to queer people and straight women too 🙂

  3. Hi, Pandora,
    I really can understand your comment but for me it’s a pity that many of the films you offer on your site are not made for me and my spanking direction.

  4. Dreams of Spanking is proud to be one of the few places on the internet that people OTHER than straight men can find porn for them. It is not all for you, and that is why we are different.

    How do you imagine women, queer people and others with different tastes feel looking at 95% of porn on the internet and feeling as turned off by it as you do right now?

    When 95% of porn is for you, you are being screamingly entitled to start complaining that not 100% of it is for you. Pipe down, and let us have SOME for ourselves. Please. Also, while you’re at it, go and read this post by Girl on the Net, because it explains it better than I can.

  5. I just noticed “moonball’s” disappointing comments and it’s more disappointing that they seem to have gotten a lot of approval i.e the number of likes. I guess it’s symbolic of raging, heterosexual male lust, putting it’s own desires above everyone else’s.

  6. I’m under no illusion that my pansexual, body-positive aesthetic is in the minority. I know that sexist heteronormative beauty fascism is much more mainstream, and occupies the majority. But I think that for a lot of people who buy into this idea – that women are “just naturally” better to look at than men; that they “just happen” to find slender, youthful, athletic, smooth-skinned, white, able-bodied, cisgender bodies more arousing than others – are just passively receiving messages from society. We are all socialised within certain cultural norms and unless something happens to break us out of our programming, it’s no fault of ours that we’ve been taught such a limiting way of thinking.

    Humans are herd animals. Being different from what you have been taught is healthy or normal is difficult. The more of us stand up for diversity, inclusivity and body positivity beyond the heteronormative, white supremacist, cisnormative, ableist standard, the easier it will be for others who have been brought up to follow the mainstream to accept that maybe, they like something a little bit different, too.

  7. Yes I agree and you help with that Pandora. I love your acceptance and encouragement of men who want to submit and be spanked and be photographed and/or filmed.

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