Spank My Hole

Film (16:08) with 72 screengrabs
Pandora Blake uses the riding crop on Tai Crimson's red spanked bottom as she kneels on the bed

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Tai Crimson’s hunger for pain meets Pandora Blake’s sadistic streak for an evening of canes, crops and absolute filth featuring the whole toybox – and this is only the beginning!

Tai’s still learning about her love of pain and her submissive streak, but she knows what she likes – and Pandora, delighted by some of the cruel implements Tai’s chosen for their playdate, is only too happy to oblige. This film is a truly immersive treat for lovers of corporal punishment and dirty talk: Tai presents herself beautifully, bottom raised high as she whimpers and wriggles beneath the wide selection of toys Pandora’s laid out for the two of them to explore.

By the time the first few spankings are over Tai is glowing red, beautifully sore and utterly exposed. Those tiny, whippy little carbon-fibre canes might look small, but it’s clear from Tai’s moaning as Pandora parts her cheeks to spank her hole that they pack a serious sting.

Right at the end, there’s a promise – surely it’s time for Tai to get her hole filled tight? We’re pretty sure Pandora loved every second of it, so watch this space for an even filthier Part Two…

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Spank My Hole - Behind the Scenes

Presentations as beautiful as Tai’s don’t happen by accident: it took a little bit of camera wrangling to get that gorgeous angle! We get a closer peek into Pandora’s box of tricks, and listen in to some of their excellent pre-scene negotiations – as well as some beautifully unscripted bonus play by way of aftercare…



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Tai Crimson

At the end of a full day’s shooting, Pandora and Tai talk about the scene they’ve just filmed – Caned at Home. Tai is disappointed that she didn’t cry, but she’s happy that her desire for bruises has been fulfilled. They discuss differences between shooting a theatrical feature like Houseboy, and a day of shorter scenes like this one (more kink per hour, to paraphrase Tai). We hear how Pandora felt playing such a mean character, and Tai talking about her lust for tears. There’s some frank discussion about personal kinks, the fetishising of trans bodies and sexuality, and how Pandora and Tai are both working to challenge the stereotypes.

4 Responses

  1. Wow! Lovely! I really enjoyed watching this. And I look forward to watching part 2, hope it will be soon. It sounds like part 2 will be even filthier than part 1

  2. What a great scene, and such a pleasant surprise to see Tai again! Today is my birthday, and this was a lovely end to the day. Can’t wait for part 2!

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