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I thought it would be fun to record a video blog of me talking about the significance of my photoset “Surprised in the Garden” – and reading a snippet of the erotic story that inspired it.

This book had a profound effect on my kinky development, and reading it out loud for this video blog was the first time I had re-read it since I was very young. It was surprising to discover the ways in which my memory of it were different – and the ways in which it was still incredibly fresh in my mind. My recreation with Thomas Cameron and Michael Darling has some similarities and some differences – and I still find both scenes very hot.

Do you have a similar “milestone moment” when you realised that you were not alone in your kink? And if that was an encounter with a kinky fantasy or reference to corporal punishment, does that scenario still have the power to arouse you?

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  1. Very nicely read Pandora, not hard to understand how it affected your ten year old self. I think I was a year or two older when I read “An Alligator named Daisy”. I don’t remember anything of the plot until the couple were sitting together on the banks of a river; I remember nothing of how or why it happened but seared into my memory is the simple sentence “He spanked her bottom”. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced that exciting, breath-taking wave of heat as the subject of spanking arose but I think it brought my first realisation that I wasn’t alone in being sexually aroused by spanking references.
    I was brought up in a children’s home where I experienced frequent naked thrashings with a plimsoll but there was nothing sexual there. What i think led to my kink was the almost total absence of females in my life which somehow led to my fantasising about my punishments being witnessed by girls and later to them being carried out by girls/women.
    Thank you for this wonderful, uninhibited site.

  2. My literary milestone moment came in the correspondent column of The Manchester Evening News in the 60s. Readers had been asked to contribute to a discussion on ‘ When did you first feel married? ‘ One lady’s reply was headed ‘ When he put me across his knee ‘

    There followed a description of a dispute which ended when:

    ‘ He calmly put me across his knee. Five hard slaps soon showed me who was boss ….. and he has never had to spank me again from that day to this. ‘

    My eyes just about popped out of my head! My wife ( also a fan, ruby wedding this year! ) and I think you are a complete darling, Pandora, and well on the way to becoming a National Treasure.

  3. Thankyou for sharing this. Your openness in sharing things like this is why we all love you so much. Its why this site is so much more than just CP pornography and you are so much more than just someone who produces porn.

    Its also why your post about your letter from the censorship authorities which I have just read is so sad.

    I admire your openness and bravery and believe it has helped many people.

    I wish you well.

  4. For more than 20 years, I thought to be alone with my “perversion”. That was the time of printed material as the only source for enlightenment.
    Then I found a booklet from Hugh Jones in a sleazy Denver adult shop: “spanking: sex or sadism”. From that day on, I knew that I wasn’t alone and not a raving pervert.
    Sadly enough that was in 1967 and a very far time to go until the advent of the internet.

    Thank you, Pandora for fighting censorship!

  5. Thank’s Pandora I l really enjoyed listening to that and how often do those of us that share our fetish recall that squirmy intense feeling provoked by the word spanking when we still didn’t understand that these feelings are sexual.
    Being older than you I was at school when Corporal Punishment was still being used though I never experienced it and was terrified at the prospect and on the one occasion I was threatened with it I felt most indignant though some years later that scenario was to become one of my strongest fantasies …….
    My earliest memory of that tingly feeling associated with spanking was provoked by being read ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’. Now no spankings occur or are even referred too but I remember hoping excitedly that The White Witch might spank Edmund when he returned to her without his brothers and sisters as promised.
    Thanks again for the website and for your own personal fight for us to express our sexuality.

  6. You are quite the most lovely, astonishingly adorable! I wish you all the best, safe, cared-for and given what you need! Enough, which seems to be quite a lot, but never more. XX

  7. …even by female standards, my experience of you having been most fortunate, I have nothing but love.

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