The Palace Punishment Room

Film (18:33 mins) with 18 screengrabs
Pandora stands in lingerie and tan tights holding a birch against their bottom and looking back at the camera.

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A great many expectations come along with being a lady of a certain class. Duchess Dorking may not have been born to her station, but she’s certainly adapted to it well: the parties, the money, the social manoeuvring…

…but maybe not so much the etiquette. After one particularly debauched night of unladylike indiscretion on a royal tour, the Duke has decided that his own punishments won’t do this time: she’s to be sent to the Palace Punishment Room, where she must disrobe and await her fate as she overhears the yelps and wails of Duchess Oxford before her.

Listen in as she slips out of her tea dress, prepares for her punishment and describes the horribly public humiliations of the heavy birching to come.


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3 Responses

  1. Nice to see this entertaining and curvaceous matron!
    There are s around on the web accounts by men who experienced judicial birchings in young offender instituations, when it was allowed, or on the Isle of Man. What they all say is that the first 7-8 strokes were just about bearable but after that the pain was so intense they were screaming for the mothers. 18 strokes was the maximum, if I recall rightly. Fantasy birchings are not subject to such limits of course, so may as well go full shred. Shred is not my thing but I was titilated by the reference to milady being put across her husbands knee for a slippering—that would delight me to see.
    Nice characterissation and camera work, one or two full face close ups would have cherried up the cake xx

    1. We’ll be releasing a deep dive into judicial birchings on the Isle of Man in the next couple of months! So your comment is well-timed. The beauty of fantasy is that we can stretch the limits beyond what could be normally tolerated, which is what makes it so fun. I’d love to do more with this character, with plenty of face close-ups. Fingers crossed I get the opportunity!

  2. I’m still enjoying this clip thanks Pandora. You look incredibly sexy in those tan tights. If the Duchess found herself outside the punishment room again for an even more serious offence how many strokes of the birch might she get?

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