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A naked Amelia Jane Ruthrford bends over a table to recieve the birch from Molly Malone as Adele Haze watches

Meet Mrs Smith – a Victorian disciplinarian with a unique method for dealing with intractable girls. A new historical birching fantasy starring four icons of the UK spanking scene.

These photos introduce Molly Malone as Mrs Smith: a Victorian disciplinarian with a tried-and-tested method for dealing with intractable girls. A religious woman, she considers it to be her god-given duty to take care of wayward young women and help them towards the path of righteousness. She advertises her services in the local paper, inviting hapless mothers to come to her if they cannot control their offspring.

Enter Millicent Heaton (Amelia Jane Rutherford): an impertinent, shrill and conniving girl delivered by her useless mother (Pandora Blake) to Mrs Smith’s country home. Millicent’s bad behaviour worsens as she challenges Mrs Smith’s authority, showing off how rude to her mother she is in the habit of being. When Mrs Smith reveals the methods she intends to use to reform Millicent’s character, Millicent doesn’t believe it at first. But as she is whisked away to prepare for her ‘interview’ by Mrs Smith’s maid Hayes (Adele Haze), and is forced to undress and don a backless gown in preparation for her birching, it starts to dawn on Millicent that this time, she may have met her match.

Meanwhile Mrs Smith is showing Mrs Heaton the instruments of correction, and telling her all about the disciplinary methods she intends to use to show Millicent the error of her ways. It is Mrs Smith’s goal not only to correct the daughters, but to educate the mothers in effective means of correction – and so poor Millicent faces not one punishment, but two, as she must submit to a whipping with the tawse from her mother after her bottom has already been striped by Mrs Smith’s birch.

This photogallery previews an epic Dreams of Spanking feature film which has been a year in the making, which will be released in its entirety as a single update next week. A darkly comedic historical birching fantasy based on the (nearly) true story of the real-life 1890s rogue disciplinarian Mrs Walter Smith, who caused a scandal by applying severe corporal punishment to the bottoms of well-brought-up young ladies at her private reformatory school, until she was outed by a young woman journalist who went undercover to investigate the rumours of outrageous physical practices. It is our honour to bring this fascinating personage to life with a new cinematic film inspired by a true story.


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