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Pandora hands D a book, looking shy in a short schoolgirl skirt

A hot library punishment fantasy played out by D and Pandora, with sizzling eye contact and sexual chemistry. Does her goodlooking tutor need much of a reason to punish this wayward college girl?

Pandora is spanked over the knee, whipped with the belt, paddled facing the mirror, and caned on the bottom and on the thighs (ouch!). Afterwards she’s put in cornertime in front of the mirror to contemplate her situation… and, when D’s not looking, she takes the opportunity to display her welted bottom and thighs with a secretive smile. It’s almost as if she didn’t mind being punished that much.

Photography: Roy Tersley


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8 Responses

  1. Tantalizing….particularly those with mirror reflections and with you looking back as the cane comes down…would like to see some shots with your bottom also being reflected in a mirror…

  2. D has been known to take the piss out of my “mirror fetish” 😉

    I like that the idea of reversing it as well – the sight of a bottom being spanked reflected in a mirror gives it a lovely, naughty, voyeuristic sort of feel, I think – like glimpsing it through a neighbour’s window.

  3. Loved the mirror reflection shots especially, though all of this is excellent. I have quite a fetish for tartan miniskirts as well – nice, very nice.
    Look forward to the video please.

  4. I’m still trying to persuade D to do video with me! He’s shy about the acting. I reckon he’ll be fine.

  5. Oh, we didn’t film this one at all, it was just a photo shoot. But I will let D know that a remake’s been requested!

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