Unearned Punishment

Film (5:10) with 36 screengrabs
Preview image for Unearned Punishment. Schoolboy Alexander Knight bends over to receive the cane from Richard Burton

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School caning stories don't come much more unjust than this. Dressed in school uniform including grey school shorts, Alexander Knight waits in line outside the headmaster's office to deliver a note from his teacher. He and Pandora Blake listen to the whoosh and crack of the cane as Molly Malone is punished behind the closed door. They wince in sympathy at her cries pain, and Alexander is relieved that he isn't down to be caned this week.

Unfortunately, the headmaster is in no mood to listen. Keen to get the weekly punishments over and done with, he doesn't hear Alexander's explanation, but just orders him to bend over and touch his toes. He administers a swift six of the best before Alexander can protest, leaving him with stinging stripes from a punishment caning he did absolutely nothing to earn.

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Unearned Punishment - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of “Unearned Punishment”, including out-takes, re-takes, and post-caning hugs! Exclusive behind the scenes footage of Molly’s six-stroke bare bottom cold caning from Dr Barton. Peek behind the closed study door and watch the caning that Pandora and Alex, waiting outside in the corridor, couldn’t see. As you will see, Molly really did get caned, and her reactions were quite genuine!



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Alexander Knight

A few months after our shoot together, Alexander Knight and I sit down and catch up. We explore why we thought his films were particularly well received, the benefits of acting experience on spanking roleplay, and what kind of roles Alexander would be open to playing in the future.

25 Responses

  1. Alex makes one of the cutest schoolboys I have ever encountered – and I’ve encountered a few!
    Also, having the first caning done off screen was an inspired idea of Pandora’s, I don’t think I’ve seen that done before in any other spanking film.

  2. This scene was filmed at the end of the day and poor Alex had already had two sound spankings and two doses of the strap – it was decided to let him keep his shorts on for this one. Also, as Dr. B is in such a rush, taking shorts etc up and down would have made him even later for his dinner engagement with the Bishop!
    But I agree, I hope we see Alex’s bare bottom again very soon…

  3. Yes, there’s something about hearing a punishment through a closed door, isn’t there?

    I’ve got the behind the scenes video of Molly’s caning to edit and upload too πŸ™‚

  4. *nods* Absolutely – performer boundaries are paramount and Alex had already gone above and beyond for his first ever spanking shoot. On my first video shoot I did 3 scenes. Alex did five videos including this one, plus his initial photoset!

    After the fourth (“A United Front”) he was pretty much done for the day, and who could blame him, but we decided to go ahead and shoot this scene anyway, since we would be very unlikely to have such a perfect venue including that wonderful staircase and corridor, or enough people to shoot the scene, again so it was a one-time-only opportunity!

    I’m really grateful to everyone for going the extra mile and making this scene happen despite it being the end of a very long day.

    Besides, would bare bottom caning really be authentic? It’s my understanding that in most cases, school punishment took place over clothes.

  5. Bare bottoms were very rare in the Headmaster’s study, nearly all boys took their whackings over shorts or trousers, so this is more authentic.

  6. Alexander is, indeed, the perfect school boy. I love the uniform, grey shorts, etc. Love the off screen caning prelude and, of course, I love seeing Alexander bent over for his canning. I understand why it wasn’t the moment for a bare bottom spanking but I really hope to see Alexander over Dr. Barton’s knee sometime in the future with his shorts around his ankles. He has a fantastic, spankable bottom and I look forward to seeing more of it! Great work everyone. Can’t wait for more like this. Thanks!

  7. In itself, the M/M punishment does not interest me, but it creates an excellent framework for adding authenticity to the caning of the two girls.
    If Molly’s caning, which we heard, has also been filmed inside the study, this should be an excellent sequel.
    I get the impression that shooting stopped before Pandora went in to see the headmaster. What a pity.

  8. Hmm. Rather minxy, I would say.
    You told Alexander that you were waiting to get the cane after Molly; then you slyly sent him into the headmaster’s study ahead of you.
    You should have offered to take the note and give it to the headmaster when you went in to receive your caning.
    When you offered the naïve Alexander your place in the queue, he should have said he was happy to wait outside until you had been dealt with. Indeed, more than happy because he could then have listening to your being caned.
    Don’t come the innocent, young madam!

  9. Hahaha. I hadn’t seen it that way! Perhaps you’re right. Unfortunately this venue is being sold so we won’t have the chance to film there again. It looks like I might get away with it… in the film universe, at least!

  10. There is something about grey school shorts, especially when a poor young schoolboy is bending over, touching his toes, so that the fabric is stretching as tightly as possible over his bottom… and the skin is stretched tight too, rendering the ensuing caning even more painful.

    We have one Alex scene still to come, it’s not an OTK though. I’ll have to work on arranging to shoot with him again so we can shoot more scenes like “An Unorthodox Tutorial” πŸ™‚

  11. I just remembered – we do have another scene, I forgot! Complete with Alexander in grey school shorts over Dr Barton’s knee, just as ordered πŸ™‚ That’s fortuitous! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it πŸ™‚

  12. A triple injustice then!
    Poor innocent Alexander is punished instead of wicked Pandora.
    The naughty Pandora escapes without stripes across her bottom.
    And when Molly comes to commiserate with Pandora, and compare marks, she is furious to discover that Pandora didn’t get the cane after all, whereas Molly did.

    Oh woeful day, when Nemesis’ aim did gravely stray.
    Can no-one find a way to stripen P’s behind?

  13. Consider me on pins and needles waiting for the OTK/School Shorts scene. Thanks so much. Really can’t wait.

  14. Great news about these upcoming scenes, I myself am very excited and will be looking forward to them. Can’t wait, thanks !! πŸ™‚

  15. Trekking in the Peruvian Andes, I met a lad from South Africa, who seemed very genuine. One evening when we were setting up camp, he was telling us about his experiences of CP at boarding school.

    There was a Finnish girl with us and (with an excited voice) she asked him if he had to remove his trousers and under pants when he was punished. To my surprise and to the obvious delight of the girls in our group, he said yes, some times he did.

  16. So, I (obviously) really enjoyed this because listening to others be punished and unfairness are big kinks for me, but even I have to say: poor Alexander! A lot of really unfair things seem to befall him!

    Also, the mis en scene for this were really hot, and I’m really enjoying Dr. Barton as a Top.

    Thumbs up all around!

  17. Almost perfect – Pandora, being so wise, should have taken the note when he emerged from being so unjustly dealt with (been there!) and then entered with it as her escape (because clearly she was next in line and would have been expected…). Later the secretary (the real star here of course) reads the note and discovers that it states a BOY is delivering it (hall pass in America). Pandora ends up with a sentence of twelve stokes.

    The true brilliance of this is of course the entire team and the cast working together but we were all cheated as Molly states – Pandora didn’t get that hard caning! Time for episode 2…

  18. I love this one. The atmosphere waiting outside and hearing the caning brings back real memories. Maybe you could do a film of a small queue lining up for their canings, and have two viewpoints/films – one of the reactions of those outside, and one obviously inside. Would be good to hear through the door the pupils being told to take down their pants, and seeing the reactions.

    As others have said I think however that we really need to see Pandora going in to get hers.

    Just a question – some of the dialogue outside the door is a bit unclear. Pandora says “she’s just gone in”. What does she then say? And there’s something about “angry?”

    But a brilliant film. Please do more like this.

  19. I’ve never taken any interest in M/m scenes, but my curiosity was aroused by this because it is absolutely realistic, reflecting almost exactly how canings were administered at my school in the 1960s.
    I received many canings almost exactly as Alexander did – the only difference is that they were delivered rather quicker with no pauses between the strokes, and were probably quite a lot harder.
    Because of course – despite all our fantasies – in real life corporal punishment was nearly always carried out by a teacher of the same gender as the student, and was normally on the clothed bottom. There was indeed always a queue outside the head’s study, though it consisted of only boys at my school, but the door was not shut, so that those who were waiting could see what was about to happen them. Otherwise this is entirely authentic, except perhaps, as I said, for how hard it was. My memory is that the marks stayed for at least a week or even two, gradually turning from raised red tram-lines to purple bruises, and – while I am open to being corrected – I doubt that Alexander had marks for as long as that.
    Still, it was realistic enough to bring it all back to me.
    Regarding what Pandora and Richard Barton say about authentic punishments being over clothes, and the report of the South African boy who was caned on the bare, my own experience is that canings were nearly always over trousers – but not quite every time.
    The exceptions – and I can vouch for this from personal experience – were when boys were caught using ‘padding’ or wearing several pairs of underpants. If this was detected, the penalty was to have to take them down, and it was one of the few occasions when the door to the study was definitely shut.
    My own experience of this was when I was caned along with a friend of mine, who had taken the precaution of putting on about three pairs of pants along with his gym shorts under his trousers, so that when he bent over you could already see he was a bit bulgy in the relevant area, and as soon as the first stroke landed it didn’t sound quite right, and so he had to remove all the layers, and receive six on the bare. I was watching all this with some trepidation, because I was also wearing my gym shorts under my trousers, not – I swear – for protection, but simply because we had gym next lesson and I was saving time. So when it was my turn I confessed I was wearing them and volunteered to remove them. As a compromise I was allowed to keep my underpants on, though I did have to demonstrate I was only wearing one pair of them. This protected my modesty, but little else, because it was certainly a lot more painful.
    That was the only time I know for sure that a boy was caned on the bare, but I heard reports of it happening on a few other occasions – but it was definitely quite rare.
    As for a male teacher caning a female student on the bare, as happens to Molly ‘Behind the Scenes’ I suspect that only happens in videos – though I was very glad it did!

  20. Loved this film Pandora. Have been a member a number of times but haven’t watched this before. Loved the waiting outside part and the developing intensity.

    But as for tricking poor Alex like that, I’m sure you’d be found out. The head would have two options from what I see. He canes you in front of Alex, 12 of the very best. Or he goes for the nuclear option and gives you 12 of the best in front of the whole school at assembly. Both options I’m guessing it would be panties down.

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