Carpe Posterium

Film (12:21) with 60 screengrabs
Pandora Blake, dressed as a school boy bends over the desk for a tawsing from teacher Charlie J Forrest

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A deliciously subversive genderqueer riff on old-school discipline, with wicked little socio-political undercurrents. Tutor Charlie Forrest needs to teach insolent student Blake the real meaning of respect…

An exquisite exposition of old-style public-school discipline is on offer here, with Blake playing a recalcitrant, obnoxious student who has been turning in utterly inadequate homework. Charlie Forrest portrays the intractable tutor determined to bring this obstinate pupil to heel.

Those who get a particular kick out of little subversive touches which bring home the idea that traditional corporal punishment is a witty, twisted game will find plenty to enjoy in the backchat and rebellion which occurs at the start: no repentant submission here. Blake complains that the Latin translation is boring, while Charlie gives a lecture on the need for application and the necessity of hard work. Of course, it isn’t too long before Blake is compelled to bend over and submit to a hard and painful tawsing.

It’s over the trousers at first, progressing to over the pants and finally on the bare, with Blake’s arse ending up nicely reddened and the student reduced to a proper state of remorse. Plenty of lingering shots of multiplying red marks, as this firm, traditional punishment with a disciplinary tawse goes on, make the film thoroughly entertaining for fans of well-warmed bums.

Also, for anyone who wants a few queer, radical undercurrents to their disciplinary delights, the dialogue before, during and after the thrashing is a joy. Blake and Charlie clearly know each other well and have a lovely, funny rapport going on – the film opens with a blooper that has the pair of them collapsing in giggles. Both performers inhabit their roles beautifully and bounce off one another in a way that gives the film a real freshness and originality.

Preview Gallery

Carpe Posterium - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes on the set of Carpe Posterium. Charlie and Blake plan out the roleplay of this male/male Etonian spanking scene. Charlie insists that the bratty schoolboy should call him a “walrus”. Blake directs the scene from the receiving end, urging Charlie to apply the tawse harder! Includes a sneak peak at Blake’s new tattoo, which was carefully hidden from shot to maintain the historical accuracy! And can anyone remember how to count to 6 in Latin?


9 Responses

  1. Most enjoyed watching your video.

    I hope you have time to work, and time to enjoy your new person.

  2. Wonderful Blake, nice uniform, your arse looks as big and round as ever and I’m even more jealous of it when you are Blake 😉

  3. Thanks, glad you liked it! We had a lot of fun making it 🙂

    And thank you so much for the good wishes. I’m typing this bouncing on the yoga ball in my office with the tiny slung in a wrap on my chest, sleeping soundly! They are so delightful.

  4. Thanks Andrew! I always wanted to give the Eton tails a spin.

    I could give Michael Darling a run for his money, hey?

  5. Yes actually I think you’d make a good Sebastian Hawley, very handsome, pretty gent, though I think you are taller and of course have a lot less tattoos 😉

  6. Fantastic taster vid, had to do a double take when I realised who the lad/ladess was being thrashed!… Yes a very convincing portrayal of a naughty boy…bravo

  7. Ahaha, you have no idea how much joy this brings me! Glad you have temporarily confused you 😀

  8. This was quite nice! And funny! I laughed out loud when Blake said quatro hahaha

  9. I love bringing a bit of humour and campness into films when I can, it makes it so fun!

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