Bend Over New Boy

Film (10:42 mins) with 72 screengrabs
Pandora, in school uniform, faces the camera holding a cane

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If you enjoy punishment caning and school uniforms, this is the JOI for you.

After Pandora’s recent Visit to the Schoolmaster, she went back for more – and learned new details about the British public school canings practiced in days of yore. Back then, it wasn’t only teachers who could take the cane to a misbehaving student; prefects administered such punishments, too.

In her crisp school uniform Pandora takes to the role of prefect with gusto, and now it’s your turn. She relives the encounter in intimate detail, telling you where to stand and how to act. Her lavish descriptions of how your welted bottom will look and feel once she’s finished will have you quaking in your squeaky new shoes, just like a scared new boy in his first week at school. Feel the fear as you hear exactly how the caning will be administered, and exactly how painful it’s going to be.

But that’s not all. Beating you has got Pandora quite aroused, and she reveals the large strap-on cock she’s had hidden underneath her regulation school skirt. When she sees that you’re just as turned on as she is, she gets instructional: telling you precisely how to touch yourself and what to think about as you do it. By the time this sadistic prefect has finished with you, your bottom is going to be sore inside and out.

In this school caning JOI Pandora Blake, dressed in crisp school uniform, puts you in role as a scared new boy. Imagine being ordered to bend over for the cane – and for the prefect’s big strap-on cock.

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16 Responses

  1. Is the re-enactment: A celebration of horrific child sex abuse ? Or is it a condemnation?
    A re-enactment may be therapeutic in its intent . It can also provide depraved satisfacton to the agents of abuse, and encourage them to seek more victims.

  2. As the ‘depraved’ individual behind the storyline that Pandora so ably brought to life I can say that it was definitely not a re-enactmant of anything. I would have thought it was made clear that it was purely a fantasy role-play where the participants were actually adult.

  3. An enactment then? Age-play and rage-play. A nightmare of spanking rather than a dream. The river of Eros feels warm, when swam in, in the dark. The brute daylight shows it up to be a sewer.

  4. CP fantasy based on ‘real’ settings, like school punishments,are neither celebration nor condemnation in my opinion. It’s a theatrical exploration of the themes of fear, helplessness and arousal, using symbols resonant from our culture which will be potent for many. Many of us remember being young and new at school, and feeling at sea with not knowing how things are done. It’s a powerful memory of helplessness and anxiety which will be familiar to many. Throw in a sexy older (but not too old) authority figure who seems to want to take advantage of your vulnerability and it’s a heady fantasy.

    Arousal is complicated, and is often powered by feelings like fear, anxiety, helplessness and vulnerability. Stories from our heritage that create those sensations can be woven with more sexual elements (like the highly unrealistic strap on cock) to create a highly charged erotic fantasy.

    That doesn’t mean we condone or celebrate bullying or behaviour that makes people fearful or anxious, or which exploits vulnerability, in real life. It means made up stories which stimulate those feelings in a controlled, imaginary setting can fuel our arousal, just as horror stories can create a pleasant tingle – but that doesn’t mean we celebrate axe murderers or serial killers.

    No evidence has ever found a link between fantasy porn and real life abuse. Abusers abuse because of their own trauma or psychological issues, because they are socialised in violence. Some of them may watch porn, but there’s no causal link between watching porn and committing sexual offences. And this is pretty tame all told – after all, we don’t see anything, it all happens in our imagination.

    I hope that the strap on, the layers within layers of how this fantasy is presented – a story within a story, told not shown – and the wholly unlikely domestic setting, create enough distance from the school themed topic that any viewer would know that it is purely fantasy.

  5. One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare! A lot of the fantasies on this site dabble in shadow matter, but calling someone else’s fantasy “the sewer” is pretty judgemental.

  6. Do you agree then that trauma, psychological issues, and socialisation in violence are all linked to abuse and abusers?
    I was abused when an infant. The trauma did indeed create arousal as a means to deal with the memory of helplessness and anxiety. As I learnt to speak, I experienced words connected with spanking as placeholders for my prematurely evoked libido.
    As I learned to read, the then ubiquitous narratives of childhood punishment (Beano, etc) formed an elaborate conduit for those libido-carrying words. Not to mention the severe corporal punishment actually witnessed (and less often experienced) by me at school)—all of that, plus a developing circuit of self-abuse, was traumatic.
    So the sewer runs under my house too. That is less of a judgement than a description.
    Dreams of Spanking, when it was light-hearted pantomime, provided joussiance and catharsis. To me, anyway.
    You have every right to transform it into a Grand Guinol shop of horrors. The productions are likely to be too triggering for me.

  7. Actually it is not age play, not even rage play. Ok, it’s not to your taste, a nightmare even. I’m sorry about that. I think we have to accept that what one person finds arousing another another may find unpleasant or incomprehensible.

  8. I was at boarding school in the 1960 and have first hand experience. This is nothing like that. It may not be your genre of porn but some of us are really getting off on it. It’s drama, an act. Dark fantasy is often the most powerful!

  9. Jimbo, it’s clear that something about this scene has upset you, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re having that experience. Is there someone you can talk to about the memories and feelings that are surfacing right now? What can you do to take care of yourself in this moment? x

  10. This is such a complex and interesting topic. It’s the exact subject of a non-fiction book I’m working on, about how we relate to difficult fantasies.

    I don’t think that any particular fantasy is ever “always bad” or “always good” – the question is how we relate to it. Each of us will have a different experience with a particular fantasy depending on our history, our trauma, our associations and even how we’re feeling that day. People talk about the importance of consent in BDSM but consent with ourselves is so important too. Fantasy can be healing, but it can also be triggering and retraumatising, as you’ve discovered. It’s important to listen to our bodies and respect our own limits. If a fantasy doesn’t feel good, it’s time to step away from it and think about something else.

  11. How distinct is fantasy from obsession? Fantasies may involve only fantasised objects. If they prune down to actual people then obsession is possibly a better word for what’s happening. I fantasise about you Pandora, and I am sure you don’t mind that. If I were to decide “she’s asking for it” and turn up outside your house— then calling the police would be the appropriate response to my obsessive behaviour.
    My problem with the video is that it sets up a fantasy subject who is a child, and that fantasy space is occupied by adults. That may have therapeutic effect. But I see it as distinctly different to Molly and Nimue’s cosplay in Back To School.
    It is more like the court reports which remanded paedophiles share with each other as pornography while awaiting trial.

  12. Pandora I would love to see you back in your gym knickers doing a similar scenario find it so exciting.

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