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Preview image for Companions 2. Adele Haze lies over Pandora Blake's lap to recieve a bare bottom spanking

Adele Haze and Pandora Blake are dressed for an afternoon of intimate play – lacy vintage lingerie, stockings and suspenders, ribbons and frills and delicate sensuality. Part one of this two-part photoset saw Adele taking Pandora over her knee – now it's time for the roles to be reversed, and Adele to have her bottom warmed by Pandora.

The close friends switch over – Pandora playfully teasing Adele, before putting her over the knee so she can admire and stroke her gorgeous bottom. Of course, it wouldn't be Dreams of Spanking if this didn't lead to more. Gentle caresses develop into stinging smacks as Pandora returns Adele's attentions.

She grips her companion's hair as she's spanking her, and takes her time adjusting Adele's lingerie – running her fingers over Adele's suspenders and slowly sliding her white knickers down to reveal her lovely full bottom. And fair's fair – Pandora gives her friend a taste of the same wooden brush that has just warmed her own bottom, lovingly administered as Adele squirms on her lap.

This lesbian spanking photoset ends with the women sharing some deep, intimate kisses. Running their hands over each other's red bottoms and lacy lingerie, there's a feeling that this mutual spanking has brought them even closer.  

Photography: PWPimages


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  1. Everything this boy desires in spanking! Hairbrush! Adele has an appealing, adorable, face and figure. The lace and her pigtails—plus that look of discomfort–make this very special for me. There’s an enormous tilt in my kilt 🙂

  2. Great sequel photoset. I like the intimacy conveyed in these shots, and the set is rounded off very nicely with the last sequence. Beautiful

  3. Speechless!!!! Wonderful gallery. N Craig2 is totally right, we do not see enough of Adele, maybe a film soon???

  4. Woohoo! This is the sort of comment I live to receive. Adele is a beautiful person and I think these gorgeous photos by PWP images really show her off. The styling, outfits and concept were dreamed up by her – she had a fantasy of a delicate, sensual girl/girl scene. This was so much fun to shoot!

  5. We mostly shot photos this day – there are two more scenarios to come! – but one of them did include a bit of cheeky video, too. Once that’s all up I think it’ll definitely be time to book her again! Adele was one of our first performers, and it’s a pleasure to see she’s still one of our most popular 🙂 Adele is the one who got me into spanking blogging in the first place and her thinking on porn, spanking and politics was always very influential for me, and she helped hugely with the launch of the site – we couldn’t have done it without her.

  6. Pandora a beautifully constructed photo set with you 2 girls playing spanks together and cuddling ,very nice ,love and spanks,Timx

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