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Preview image for Negotiation. Molly Malone has Pandora Blake over her lap for a spanking. Pandora's dress is pulled up to display her knickers

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In our second instructional video, Molly and Pandora discuss the best ways to negotiate and express your needs during a spanking scene. They demonstrate techniques including how bottoms can communicate with their tops without breaking out of a submissive role, how tops can check in with their bottoms and find out what they want, and suggest tips and tricks to help new play partners read each other and communicate effectively. The ladies also talk about ending or breaking a scene, reasons you might need to do this and strategies you can use to recover the play session should you wish to. Finally, they discuss consensual non-c0nsent, and how to develop codes with your partner to signal "please continue" when you want to be able to say "no, please stop!"

All these techniques are demonstrated by Molly and Pandora using a selection of implements and positions to spank each other, including over the knee hand spanking, thigh spanking and leather paddle, and bending over for the tawse.

We hope that this instructional video will be hot and informative, whatever your level of experience. If you enjoyed this, you may also be interested in our implement how-to, Introducing the Cane.

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8 Responses

  1. The most important contribution to the theory of negotiation since the famous work by Nash. But this one is more practical, funny and beautiful!!! Seriously Molly and Pandora are as usual, taht is fantastic.

  2. This is a wonderful video. Full of practical advice, but also funny and sweet at the same time. Molly and Pandora are clearly fond of each other and this comes across beautifully in the video. I’ve also watched the one on caning and I hope you are going to make more of these instructional videos.

  3. Little tears at 11.45 in the movie………….made the hairs stand up on my arm… joke…..

  4. This was very interesting! I didn’t know there were any instructional videos. Lots of really great advice! I only had a chance to play with partners a couple of times 12 years ago, but I didn’t get a chance to get comfortable with them. One thing I definitely needed to work on was my communication skills as a bottom. So I will keep your advice in mind if I ever get another opportunity to play with someone! Thanks for making this video!

    And of course, I love the two of you, and the spanking parts were great as well.

  5. Communication is such a big player in a spanking scenario, I’m glad this can help in some way 🙂 It was things like lack of communication from bottoms that led me to creating this!

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