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Preview image for Lady in Waiting. A naked Mila Kohl lies over Pandora Blake's lap for a spanking

Mila has been given instructions by her dominant: to undress, and wait for her to arrive. She obeys nervously, wondering what awaits her, trying to arrange herself in a posture that will be found pleasing. Eventually Pandora comes home to find Mila fully nude, waiting submissively on her knees. She takes Mila over her knee and rewards her obedience with a firm but caring hand spanking. 

Photography: Paul Kennedy


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Lady in Waiting - Behind the Scenes

Pandora talks to Mila, Paul (and Mila’s giraffe Henry) about their first shoot for Dreams of Spanking. Mila tells how she got into spanking modelling, and about her relationship with spanking in her personal life. Paul talks about what it’s like, as a site owner and director himself, to work for someone else. We loved working with Mila and Paul, and hope to get both of them back on the site before too long!


10 Responses

  1. Oh, glorious! Mila is breathtakingly beautiful, and as mentioned elsewhere, Pandora looks stunning as always, especially in the braces! And the scenario is that delightful mixture of tender and hot. 🙂

    Fantastic photography, too.

  2. I like this whole set, but the final frame is my favorite. So sweet and adorable.
    Pandora looks FIT in that outfit. Damn.

  3. Mila is so heartbreakingly adorable in this set that several times while editing it I thought I might actually die.

    So, I trialled this outfit to Michael Darling’s “bois in suits” housewarming party and discovered that braces are AWESOME. Even better, they are perfect for all three of “respectable woman about town who is probably just coming from a business meeting and is about to meet her nice family for lunch”, “campy genderqueer gathering” and “professional dom”. In other words, my entire life.

  4. Mila = RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY. The braces are proving very popular! They are actually the ones I bought for Will Savage to wear in the sequel to the Edwardian governess scene, which we filmed in Feb but haven’t published yet. I belatedly realised I could wear them too. They are pleasing.

  5. Mila has a nice fleshy body. Bet you enjoyed playing with her plump rump 😉

  6. Pandora very nice chat with young Mila ,Paul and your lovely self ,love and spanks,Tim.

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