His Spanked Wife

Film (12:40 mins) with 78 screengrabs
Pandora bends over Stephen's lap for a spanking

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Pandora Blake has been rude and disrespectful all week, and Stephen Lewis has had enough. Will a severe OTK hairbrush spanking be enough to set her straight?

Pandora is waiting in the corner.

Her red bottom is exposed in sheer, frilly panties; her dress is pulled up around her waist. She’s been spanked once already, but she knows the punishment isn’t over yet. Behind her, she can hear her husband reading a book; pages turning, like the ticking of a clock. But all she can see, if she dares to open her eyes, is the corner where she stands.

She could move, of course. She could break position, rub her aching backside. She could glance behind her to see what her husband is doing. But she doesn’t. She knows that what comes next will be ever so much worse if she does.

So she waits in her corner. She waits, and she wonders: how long will it be until he finishes the chapter?

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His Spanked Wife - Behind the Scenes

A scene with such a touching ending between its characters definitely needed a few equally touching moments between the cast and crew! Kelley behind the camera has an eye for aesthetics as she ensures Pandora’s bum is reddened as evenly as possible, Pandora manages to direct like a pro even while bent double over Stephen’s lap, and the pretty brown wig is everyone’s most awkward co-star.


9 Responses

  1. Another triumph for the Dreams of Spanking team. From the opening shot of Pandora’s perfect bottom glowing through see-thru pink panties to the final shot of submission and reconciliation its is the complete deal as a spanking film. Mr Lewis is lucky to have such regular access to your nates at the moment. You really suffer for your art – that was some hairbrushing and yet I got the distinct impression from some of the facial close ups the you were at times willing it to to be harder! I loved the slip! When you watch the ‘behind the scenes’ and then the completed film it makes you realize how much work and talent goes into producing these films for everyone. One small gripe though – Kelly’s comment that the ‘bottom with slip shot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense@ – what??!! Of course it does. A lucious silky slip covering the best bottom on the internet – the gentle rhythms of writhing silk as cheeks below protest the impact of a pelthora of hair brush hits. The paddle for Miss Kelly methinks!
    Great job team!

  2. It was such an erotic film to shoot and edit, I’m glad that other people are enjoying as much as I do.

    The hairbrushing was very firm indeed, I don’t know how much harder I could have taken it after a day of filming!

  3. I just want to tell you I love your work. I am a 40-year-old Nordic woman with a spanking fetish. After reading about you on a spanking blog, checking your site and sawing the trailer for this very video, I made the decision to pay for porn for the first time. I wouldn’t have minded to do it before. It’s just that I wasn’t convinced it would be worth it for me. All those porn sites just so mass produced and eager to get my money, no matter what, with no real connection to real people.

    This is exactly what I want. Not only the videos. I love it how you tell about yourself and other people involved. I love the transparency. I love the calm website design, with no blinking banners urging me to buy. No recurring payment, even! It feels like you really have a vision and you’re not compromising it. Immense respect from me.

    I’ve only watched this one video so far but I’m happy already. So thank you for this experience. It’s like purchasing some good artesan beer from a small, quirky brewery. Something real and unique. BTW, that man is smoking hot. I wouldn’t mind getting spanked by him myself. Or by you, for that matter.

  4. It has warmed my heart to receive your message. I am so happy that you’ve found a place that works for you to enjoy spanking porn. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you enjoy the other content on the site. Stephen is a wonderful top and there are plenty more films coming with him in them, don’t worry 😉

  5. Another excellent video, great chemistry between you both, and the sight of your bottom being revealed in skimpy knickers was breath taking, just goes to prove what I already knew, your bottom is No1 in the world of discipline, it just does not get any more erotic

  6. Filming this scene was so erotic, I ended up masturbating while editing it 😳

  7. It’s nice to see that Pandora is a great actor and not just afraid and in pain. The term, “spanking fluffer” is my new favorite term. There’s also something really nice about the fact that this was filmed by the spanker’s sub.

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