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Preview image for Schoolgirl Selfies. Schoolgirl Pandora Blake gets caned over her knickers by teacher D

In a secluded stairwell, schoolgirl Pandora Blake whips out her phone to take a few sexy selfies. At first glance she looks prim and well-behaved: neat school uniform, knee-high socks and patent heels – every inch the good young lady. But when no one's looking, she spreads her legs and lifts her skirt to take some intimate upskirt photos. Her sheer panties don't leave much to the imagination, and she's so busy admiring the pictures that she doesn't notice her teacher, D, sneaking up behind her.

Outraged to catch her so flagrantly exposing herself, he punishes Pandora right there and then. But is D relishing the opportunity a little too much? He makes the naughty girl stand in the corner with her hands on her head, before he lifts her skirt and administers a humiliating punishment. It begins with a brisk hand spanking over her knickers, and after her bottom has begun to blush red, her hot teacher produces a long, thin cane to drive the lesson home. Pandora grimaces through crack after crack, and the cane leaves a series of red stripes so bright that you can see them through her knickers. But D can't help noticing that she pushes her bottom out further for each stroke, and keeps glancing back at him over her shoulder…

When the caning is over, a chastised Pandora is ordered to slip off her panties, completing her embarrassment. She removes them slowly, making sure her teacher gets a good look at her sore bare bottom. He tthen confiscates her underwear, leaving her to spend the rest of the school day with no knickers on – and taking home his own personal reminder of this temptingly naughty student.

Photography: Matt Christie


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11 Responses

  1. I’ve seen several knicker confiscations in Spanked in Uniform films (including a cheer leading one in which you yourself Pandora lost your knickers and had to cheer lead with a bare bottom under your skirt :)). My favourite was an airline one where a hostess missed her flight and after a spanking had to sweep the empty hangar with her bottom exposed.

    I suppose this particular Pandora enjoyed having her knickers taken away by the sexy teacher πŸ™‚ And being in a skirt and no underwear excited with the nervous thought of a sudden gust of wind πŸ™‚

  2. I just love any photos or videos featuring Pandora and D. Please persuade him to do some more videos Pandora, you are both so mouth wateringly hot together.
    Thank you.

  3. Well, if she will insist on taking photos of her knickers during school hours, CLEARLY they need to be confiscated! Although if she hasn’t learned her lesson, that does mean her next upskirt selfies will be rather more explicit…

  4. Awww, thank you! I would love to do more videos with D… and we have one that was shot last year which is yet to be released. It’s not a Dreams of Spanking film though – it’s for my new kinky hardcore project, which is currently on hold for political reasons. I hope we’ll be able to publish it eventually!

  5. While I do like the “bare bottom in front the class” idea, even a spanking like the one Pandora has just received is exciting for the risk of other students walking past and seeing Pandora’s predicament. A bare bottom in the school yard would be a fun thing to chance upon Ò˜º

  6. Pandora a nice spanky knicks one look forward to more girl girl spankings vids here ,best spanks Tim x

  7. You have big whacks from teacher for flashing your knicks as a naughty schoolie ,best spanks from Tim x

  8. Downloading the zip file errors out with ‘The requested URL was not found on this server’

  9. Thanks – seems that there was a rogue capital S at the start of the filename which was breaking the link. Fixed now.

  10. I agree. D and Pandora look so lovely together. I don’t know whether D would be up for it but I would love to see a sort of switching scene between them. D starts off in a dominant role, like here a teacher with a misbehaving student, but then Pandora somehow turns the tables by revealing that she knows something that could compromise his standing in the school. His only option is to receive in kind what he has dished out or she will reveal all. Over her knee you go my boy! (My apologies if this is way off as a scene possibility but it feels hot to think about!)

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