Houseboy – the Film

Film (18.36 mins) plus 141 HD screengrabs
Submissive Tai Crimson applies to be Pandora Blake's new houseboy. But gorgeous trans housegirl Eliza Grey is jealous. With discipline and compassion, can the pair be trained to get along?

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Submissive Tai Crimson applies to be Pandora Blake’s new houseboy. But gorgeous trans housegirl Eliza Grey is jealous. With discipline and compassion, can the pair be trained to get along?

Nervous and expectant, a gorgeous Tai Crimson arrives for his audition as Pandora Blake’s new house boy. Queer, kinky, and with express permission from his boyfriend to explore his submissive side, he’s eager to take on any test Pandora cares to devise. She’s pleased with his appearance when he strips naked, and the ease with which he submits to her as she tests him with flogger, paddle, and belt. As he kneels on the floor in front of her, she collars him and secures his eager domestic service.

But there is just one snag in Tai’s journey of erotic discovery. Beautiful transgender submissive Eliza Grey, already in Pandora’s service, is jealous of Tai’s arrival. His masculine energy and obvious male sexuality is unsettling to her, and her displeasure becomes obvious as her mistress dedicates time to training the new boy.  Pandora can’t help noticing Eliza’s beautiful pouting lips and furrowed brow, and she won’t tolerate tension in her household. An over the knee spanking fails to curb Eliza’s resentment towards Tai, and the inevitable happens: they seriously anger their mistress by getting into a petty fight.

In this kinky, non-monogamous household, can Pandora create harmony between her two queer submissives? A bratty attitude results in swift, no-nonsense corporal punishment, and gradually, using both pain and pleasure, she corrects and reassures them both.

Forcing her two submissives to face each other, Pandora strips them both naked, peeling off Eliza’s tight black dress, tights and knickers and inviting Tai to watch. A naked Tai shows his approval with an instant hard erection that Eliza can’t help but notice. She orders them to kneel facing each other, naked and exposed, and they must look into each other’s eyes as Pandora paddles their bare buttocks. It’s been a rollercoaster for Tai – an ecstatic exploration of sensual servitude, corporal punishment, and a battle of wills with the beautiful Eliza. But now he finds himself drowning in her beautiful hazel eyes, wincing as each stroke falls. Will the sexual chemistry emerging between them be the key to domestic harmony?


Videography: Matt Christie

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Houseboy – the Film - Behind the Scenes

Beautiful cinematography, an ambitious storyline, and plenty of hot spanking thrown in. In this candid behind the scenes interview, Pandora explains why she wanted to do something special with the film ‘Houseboy’: the UK porn censor is trying to shut down Dreams of Spanking, so this is her final shoot for 2015. Pandora explains how this unique celebration of male submission is a departure from other Dreams of Spanking films, and how the plot grew into a queer, kinky celebration of non-monogamous relationships. Find out how the story came together, and why Houseboy is such a special film – to Pandora, to the performers, and as a triumphant blow in the fight against porn censorship.

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13 responses

  1. The poly amorous relationship is interesting.
    I am hoping for a happy kinky family.

  2. Pandora, this is a gorgeous video, my favourite so far this year. The dynamics between the three performers works so well. And it is an incredibly sexy film (is this the first erection shown in a Dreams video, as opposed to a photo shoot?)
    I found every aspect of the whole video just so erotic. In particular the finale, where Tai and Eliza were made to look into each others eyes whilst being strapped. Brilliant performances by Tai, Eliza and yourself. More of the same please!

  3. Nice job. The boy is cute. I love him. The Cutest (male) model so far. Is it possible for you to torment him in some other ways too (in addition to spanking)?

  4. Aw, thank you! I’m genderqueer by the way 🙂 I am really eager to return, and next time there’s definitely going to be some more anal play and much darker bruises.

  5. I wasn’t even trying to get an erection; Eliza’s just too gorgeous for my body to resist!

  6. Great! But you are really beautiful and besides, you have a lovely body.
    By “another forms of punishment” i mean, some foot torture, with Pandora on top.
    By the way, how old are you?

  7. Foot torture/bastinado would be lots of fun as well! I’ve been 18 for a little over two months now – when this film was shot, it wasn’t even a week after my birthday 🙂

  8. What an awesome film this one is. Thus far I have only seen the trailer. The production was of an extremely high standard. I am a male submissive masochist. What a beautiful look on Tai’s face, such freshness, innocence, desire. His erection showed how turned on he was. That was very beautiful. How well he took that lovely hard beating. How delightful it was when Eliza and Tai, both being naked, faced each other while they were being strapped.

    I love receiving hard Impact Play. The Strap would be my favourite implement. The cane, crop and floggers are brilliant as well.

    I am very sorry to hear of the difficulty that you are experiencing with the UK Censor. I disagree with the UK Censor’s position. Personally I would not call the work that is shown porn. I call it Erotic Spanking action. It is very beautiful. People should have a right to view such material providing that it is restricted to people aged over 18. What a shame that “Houseboy” will be the last Dreams of Spanking film shot this year. But what a superb example of your work it is to showcase and end this year’s action with.

  9. I saw this movie projected last year in Melbourne – you were present at the screening – and promptly set about finding a copy which I did [on Clips4Sale website, I think]. It seemed to download all right but I had just seen the movie and didn’t try to run it for some weeks. It wouldn’t run. I downloaded it again and this time it ran most of the way through without glitching but not all the way.

    Now that your own site is again up and running I see I can get the movie from there and would, like a shot, if I could be sure it would run properly this time. I would not care to pay for it yet a third time without being sure.

  10. Hi, not sure which screening you’re thinking of; if it was Dirty Movie Club in November, then the film of mine that was screened was ‘Instructed’, not Houseboy. I know it has been screened at other Australian events in my absence though.

    I’m really sorry to hear that your copy of the film from Clips4Sale didn’t work properly. I’ll gladly send you with a secure download link for the file at no extra charge – can you please forward your Clips4Sale payment notification email to and I’ll get it sorted x

  11. Beautiful and Timeless Story ! I am Sure Each Characters in Role played Naturally Which makes it Really Close to a Real Life Scenario ,The Natural Erection is Real Plus Point and I am Sure the Original Script Never Had it and Would have been Gone with the Flow without Editing ,All Elements were Too Good …

    Wish We Had More Versions of all these Characters Again !

    Yes We Can Have More Shady Versions of this as a Second part with Happy Endings !

    1. Thank you! After so many years it’s lovely to see that it’s still being enjoyed as much as when I first created it. I for one would love to create another instalment of this series.

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