Beating the Headmaster

Film (14:31 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora, in school uniform, faces the camera holding a cane

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Pandora Blake is a public school student’s dream come true in this film, as she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to administer a severe caning to the Headmaster himself!

Prefect Blake has always been a good girl – a good girl, and a better student. She relishes the power her shiny prefect’s badge gives her, and never passes up an opportunity to keep a misbehaving fellow student in line. She’s firm but fair, and considers it only right that she upholds the school’s traditions.

She’s mortified, then, to discover that she may have gone a little overboard in her punishing of one such miscreant. So much so that she’s willing to take a caning herself, even though she knows the Headmaster will leave her nursing angry red welts on her backside for days afterward.

So far so good, right? But not everything in this story is as it first appears…

The twist in this tale has as much sting to it as the slender, whippy canes on the walls of the Headmaster’s office. And once the tables are turned, Pandora isn’t going to hold back.

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9 Responses

  1. I disliked the prefect’s rapacious persona in the previous instalment. However, after watching this, I am developing an appreciation of the mythological possibilities on show. The prefect is deliciously vicious, and that viciousness has been fostered in a vicious, hierarchical, teaching establishment. The first thing he would have learnt was silence. Which is what Odysseus learnt in the cave of Polyphemus: be silent as a lamb going to the slaughter— bleating despised and not allowed. Generations of Englishmen spent their youths incarcerated under those rules. They learnt how to stay quiet whilst being beaten and fucked; and to beat and fuck the wea, when they achieved the whiphand— as the prefect as done.
    The real culprit is the headmaster, who enforces the rules, his one-eyed way of seeing the world. ( like Polyphemus, the Cylops, with his one eye). The age-old therapy for victims of the Cyclops is to stick it to him, like he stuck it to you. That is what I see in this video. A big thank- you to whoever commissioned it!
    PS I watched it on a big screen simulation. (VR headset). Awesome to see Pandora’s beautiful eyes in close up. Awesome to see that massive phallus; keep sticking it to we dirty old Cyclops) x

  2. I’d be really interested to hear more about how our films translate on a VR headset. It sounds like a really immersive experience, and I’m glad you enjoyed the many-layered power dynamics at play in this scene 🙂 x

  3. It is a glorious experience seeing your videos on a 12 foot-high screen that curves around 90 degrees of my visual field.
    Anyone thinking of buying a new tv, my recommendation is stick with your current one, and buy a Quest 2 instead.
    I log into my Dreams of Spanking subscription via a browser in the headset; and I am currently revisiting all my favourite scenes— its a qualitatively different experience.
    The acting and production values have always been of a standard that makes DoS special.
    brackets The woke diversity too, of course brackets.
    The huge screen is like a luxurious meadow in which my eyes romp and roam. Smaller screens can be like morsels which are swallowed easily, a feast but not such a feast for the eyes. The camera loves you Pandora, and the biggest the screen the better.

  4. Ooh, we’ve got some maroon knickers coming up in one of our next school films! white cotton is a classic – I like to vary it 🙂

  5. Wow! I’m thrilled to hear the films hold up on the “big screen”. Sounds like quite an experience!

  6. This video alone may have been worth the subscription. I’m not usually a fan of PoV, but I’ll make an exception for this one. Still, I’d love to see Blake give a headmaster a good beating.

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