Boy Scout Leader

Film (16:01) with 15 screengrabs
Preview image for Boy Scout Leader, with Theo Mischief over the knee of strict Girl Guide leader Pandora Blake getting spanked with the wooden paddle

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Theo takes a very relaxed approach to his Scouting troop – too relaxed, by the standards of the indomitable woman who runs the local Guides unit. She’s put up with his laid-back style for long enough, and when she hears that he’s been handing out condoms to the boys as a way of promoting safer sex over abstinence that’s the final straw: he’ll have to be taken to task.

When her remonstrations fall on deaf ears, she decides to try a punishment instead. Theo soon finds himself across her navy-skirted lap being thoroughly warmed over, with a remorseless spanking that progresses gradually from his Scout Leader shorts to his underwear before finishing on his bare, reddened backside with a glossy wooden paddle. By the end he’s chastened and sulky, pouting like one of the boys he’s been failing to keep in line.

He promises his counterpart that he’s seen the error of his ways – though if the phone call he makes as the credits roll is anything to go by, we’re not so sure…


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Boy Scout Leader - Behind the Scenes

It was hard to keep a straight face for some of this pastiche of traditional English country values! Backstage Blake and Theo were smirking their way through it, thoroughly enjoying the ridiculous frisson of the encounter. Of course, here at Dreams of Spanking we’re all about education and harm reduction – in real life we’d be more likely to spank a Scout Leader like this as a reward than a punishment, and we had a lot of fun telling his story.



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Theo Mischief

As a porn studio, our primary aim is to produce horny films that turn you on. Sexuality and arousal themselves, though, are deeply rooted in far more complex considerations; fear, pain, taboo and trauma all have parts to play, and you can’t understand how to get people hot under the collar without also considering where their shadow lies. In the afterglow of filming a particularly edgy scene – The Bully’s Comeuppance – Blake and Theo found time to sit down and talk some of this through: Theo’s experiences during his first day on a Dreams set, stories of some of the edgiest scenes they’ve each done in the past, and their personal thoughts on the deeply emotive politics of porn.

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