Spanking and Squirting from Sir

Film (16:27 mins) with 45 screengrabs
Ron lies back on the couch as Blake perform oral sex on him, with their spanked bottom exposed.

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Ron’s looking smart and ready to head out, but his boy Blake has a few ideas of their own about how to spend the afternoon! One Blake’s bottom has been thoroughly spanked, they want to return the favour – and they know exactly how to make Ron feel good.

This cosy domestic film paints an adorable dynamic between a loving Sir and his bratty, eager boy, climaxing with one of the filthiest squirting scenes we’ve ever filmed.


Preview Gallery

Spanking and Squirting from Sir - Behind the Scenes

“How does sitting work? What are legs?” We’re asking all the important questions on set this week, with Ron bringing some strong Dadly energy to proceedings (and some strong Dadly handprints, too). Bonus points if you spotted the magically appearing sex throw in the main film – I missed it entirely! Ron himself didn’t miss anything at all, though – turns out he hit Blake’s shoulder, their hair, the sofa, the floor…


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  1. Adorable! Such a loving atmosphere. What a contrast to the hatred that Terfs and politicians strir up xxx

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