Tenant’s Payment

Film (22:22) with 69 screengrabs
Pandora Blake kneels in front of Nimue Allen, their tights pulled down to expose their bottom

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Nimue and Pandora are back in their guises as landlady and tenant in the second film from this brand new three-part story. Rent is due, and Pandora is glowing with the memory of putting down her deposit a month earlier – confident that she can take her hand spanking like a champ.

Turns out though the landlady has other ideas: spillages, breakages and forgetfulness have conspired to earn Pandora more than a simple OTK beating. This is when the mood shifts; she’s determined to keep her sweet discount, but the spanking itself proves a bit of a struggle.

After a sore bare hand spanking over Nimue’s lap, our newly-reluctant tenant pouts adorably and rubs at her reddened rear end while her landlady reaches for the slipper. That isn’t the end of it, though: Pandora is also punished with a hard-backed hairbrush and a stinging leather paddle, to make sure the lesson truly hits home.

By the time the punishment is finished, she’s feeling truly remorseful. She pulls her tights up over her pink beaten bottom and sits back breathlessly on her heels, looking up at Nimue’s smirk as she promises to try harder next month.

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Tenant’s Payment - Behind the Scenes

This is the second of three films that were shot together on two cameras, giving our performers plenty of time to get into the story and giving our crew plenty of opportunities to get some gorgeous detailed shots.

In this week’s backstage clip Pandora and Nimue iron out some technicalities, check in with each other’s comfort levels and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible – including trying to act as their own continuity department! It’s lovely to get a glimpse into their off-camera friendship here, too; it’s been a while since they’ve had a chance to shoot together, and they’re both glad to get back to it.



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Nimue Allen

Long time friend of Dreams, Nimue Allen, sat down with Pandora Blake after a shoot to discuss the intricacies of caning as an extreme sport, zombie apocalypse porn, and how it feels to be on set again after the pandemic.

5 Responses

  1. Fantastic sequel ladies. I love it when scenes continue further. The on screen chemistry between you both is electric and the mutual respect and love shines through. Pandora dropping that leather skirt to reveal her magnificent pantyhose covered bottom – just wow!

  2. I really loved this, I found it quite funny. Pandora, you didn’t seem to be enjoying it, but I’m sure you were! And it was certainly very well deserved!

  3. Sorry to be throwing in a negative comment* but . . .
    When a separate “Behind the Scenes” movie is provided is there really any point in tagging B-t-S material onto the end of the main movie after the end credits?

    The main movie is supposedly the end product. Why not let it stand by itself as such?
    The B-t-S movie is of course of great interest and, in a sense, itself an end product .

    *Not too negative, I hope.

  4. Thank you for the question!

    The BTS at the end of the main movie is edited highlights, so the full BTS movie still has extra material for keen fans. Performer consent is one of our core values, and especially with edgy or taboo scenes, it’s absolutely essential that we make the consent of everyone involved clear and transparent to all viewers. The post-credits highlights serve to show a glimpse of the reality on set to everyone who watches the film, even if they don’t watch the separate BTS video. As well as on the membership site where a lot of auxiliary materials such as interviews and the BTS videos are available, we also publish content on other platforms and streaming sites where we upload scenes as a single file. The post-credit outtakes mean that performer consent is visible even if someone is watching the film on Clips4sale, Manyvids or Pinklabel, while leaving extra value for members of the subscription site which is the only place viewers can access the full behind the scenes video.

    The other reason is to defend our brand against piracy. Of course we hope that members won’t share our films on filesharing sites, because they know that doing this impacts our ability to cover costs and to keep doing what we do. But if our films do end up on a tube site, we want performer consent to be visible there too, so that the film doesn’t end up being viewed out of context where it might have a very different feel and negatively impact our reputation, particularly if it’s uploaded with a new (and less positive and respectful) title, keywords and description, as often happens.

    Overall, including this material in the main film ensures that it can’t be avoided, and that makes our values clear and transparent to all viewers, regardless of where and how a video is accessed. It also provides us with a small degree of legal protection in the event that someone were to maliciously report our site, or one of our videos, to the authorities.

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