Ladies Caning Night

Film (23:52) with 41 photographs
Preview image for Lady's Caning Night. Michael Darling bends over the sofa, his trousers and underpants pulled down to display his bare bottom. Nimue Allen is caning him as Pandora Blake watches with a smile

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On Wednesday evenings Nimue likes to invite her friends round to try out her collection of canes. This week Pandora brings her partner Michael with her to help things along. Michael finds himself the subject of both ladies' attention, and on the receiving end of a whole suite of canes from thin and whippy to thick and heavy. Still, he tries to bear up under the mistreatment – whatever will keep his lady happy! Once Nimue has shown Pandora the various options and Pandora has tried them for herself, both ladies team up to give Michael a double caning. And of course, they video the whole thing for posterity. Michael submits to a total of over 60 cane strokes in total, and Pandora enjoys herself so much that she decides she simply MUST obtain some canes of her own!

Photography: Nimue Allen and Pandora Blake

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Michael Darling

Halfway through Michael’s first ever spanking shoot, he chats to Pandora about the experience of working with Dana, his interest in age play, the decision to shave on camera and what he thought of the scenes filmed so far.

13 Responses

  1. Hi Pandora,
    I love your stories where a boy gets punished naked ass girls. I confess that I prefer the hand spanking across his knees, but the slow déculottage is delightful. I would see an even larger group of girls. if possible, I want a boy who plays the game of shame and shows that it is not comtent getting undress and spanked by girls and he has a lot of shame to show her buttocks.
    In any case, thank you very much for all the videos that I really like.

  2. What do you mean by “Poor Michael”? A lot of people would like to swap places with him.

  3. I’d love to shoot a scene with a larger group of girls! That would be so much fun. It would be expensive to shoot, though, as I would have to pay twice as many performer fees. Perhaps you might be interested in commissioning it as a custom video?

    I agree that embarrassment can be very exciting, especially in a scene where you are being watched by lots of people 🙂

  4. Haha! You’re so right. Still, we were being rather mean to him. I loved the unsympathetic attitude of the tops in this, encouraging him to buck up and stop complaining, and Michael manfully doing his best to keep smiling despite the pain. But to balance it out I think it’s important to be a bit more sympathetic on the website than I was in the video!

    In general, as a top, I do sympathise with the plight of my spankees, but if I know they like it really, it doesn’t stop me from being sadistic 🙂

  5. Pandora the expression of your face as well as the use of the cane is very sadistic in this film. Perhaps in your subconscoius instead of punishing the nice Michael you were punishing the puritans that are censoring some of the images and words of your films. I hate them, among other things, because you have been obliged to delete “The Return of the Avengers” and excellent film , but especially to see you clad in black latex is one of the seven wonders of the world!!! Well, jokes apart, congratulations not only to you but also to Michael and Nimue for an excellent work.

  6. Haha! Well, this scene was filmed last November but perhaps the next time I shoot I should film a scene where I spank a policy advisor from a credit card processing company 😉

    The Avenger’s Return is back online now at a separate site which is not controlled by the credit card processors, and the good news it is free for all to download. More information here.

  7. Oh really very good news. Thanks a lot Pandora, you really take care of your customers and fans. I hope I will session with you very soon, so I hope you will not confuse me with a policy advisor from a credit card processing companyLOL

  8. Sexiest f/m spanking I’ve ever seen. Michael looks great in those blue briefs. I used to have a pair like that. Great seeing a man who can show off his bum almost as well as the average female spankee. I’m not alone then 😉

  9. I was a fan of the blue briefs too. He does have a knack for showing off his bottom! And the world is all the better for it. I really enjoyed shooting this scene, glad you like it!

  10. I really enjoyed this video this afternoon, sat at the computer with my cup of tea. Michael is irresistibly wonderful and his look of pleasure and shyness makes me feel weak. This is the second video I have watched on this site and I am beginning to appreciate the quality of filming here. I would love to be in Pandora and her friend’s roles. I wonder if my partner will enjoy this too because my mind is full of imagination having watched this.

  11. Was just remembering this video. Michael really does have beautiful submissive poses. I would love to be able to submit(i.e present my bottom) as wonderfully as him and entertain dominant ladies like Pandora and Nimue 🙂

  12. I can imagine the wonderful feelings of embarrassment I would get in Michael’s place. You and Nimué bending me over, pulling down my trousers and underwear, chuckling sadistically at a my predicament and teasing me for having a big, fat bum, then of course the spanking, large implements probably required, but maybe they’d enjoy squeezing and clawing at my buttocks as Pandora does to Michael in this video!

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