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Preview image for Jillian's Sponsored Caning. Jillian Boyd bends over the sofa, bare bottom ready for a caning from Pandora Blake

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Erotica author Jillian Boyd is angry about UK porn censorship, and bravely volunteers her bottom. A warm-up hand spanking on the bare bottom leads to five good hard strokes: Jillian's first caning ever.

Jillian Boyd is not a caning pro. In fact, this video is her first caning ever: not just her first caning on camera, but the first time she's ever felt the burn of a hard cane stroke. Given this, it’s particularly brave that she volunteered to take five of the strokes for Pandora Blake's sponsored caning – to protest the UK porn laws that will see many sites like Dreams of Spanking shut down.

As Jillian explains, under the new laws much of the porn that she watches would be considered illegal. Some of her favourite porn contains fisting and female ejaculation – sex acts which joins 'hard caning' on the bizarre list of things which are no longer acceptable in UK porn.

“I feel personally attacked by the laws, and I'm sure other people do too,” explains Jillian. She bravely offers her bottom to help fight back, bending over the sofa for a warm-up hand spanking from Pandora Blake. When her bottom blushes red, Pandora picks up the cane, and administers five stinging strokes.  

Performers: Pandora Blake, Jillian Boyd

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7 Responses

  1. Well done Jillian! (the last 3 mins on the streaming version I just viewed is a blank screen.)



  2. We’ve got two more in the works – Vincent’s caning, which is next, and Adele’s caning, which will be the last one 🙂

  3. Great to have this site back. I followed some of this UK ‘extreme’ porn tribulation from the US, but I hadn’t heard anything about successful reversals.

    The link to the MP4 video file gives me an error.

  4. Welcome back, and thanks for the error report! That file is now reuploading and should be available in a few minutes. It’s so great to be up and running again 🙂

  5. The instructions given for downloading WMV and MP4 versions do not seem to work

    A .jpg file and only that downloads every time

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