Miss Havering Instructs Again

Film (08:47 mins) with 33 screengrabs
Amelia lies across Pandora's lap, her skirt pulled up around her waist exposing leopard print knickers and stockings and suspenders. Pandora spanks Amelia.

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It’s the last day of term, and Felicity has already had her eighteenth birthday – what’s the harm in a little celebratory cider? None at all, surely, but the school’s traditions must be upheld and Miss Havering never slacks at the whip. This seems like the perfect opportunity for her latest protegee to get some practice in, too.

Alas, Miss Flynn still seems to be rather more comfortable at the business end of the strap than as its wielder. In the end Miss Havering is forced to spank the girl herself, and when she’s done it’s clear class must convene at least once more.


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  1. Leopard print knickers! ♥♥♥ I guess teachers don’t need to wear “regulation knickers” 🙂

      1. Can picture the girls spying on Miss Flynn’s spanking and saying “Why does she get to wear sexy knickers??!”

        1. In fact, maybe Miss H. could confiscate the leopard pants and one of the girls could steal them!!

  2. Lovely Scene from you three gorgeous ladies xxx A nice illustration of Chekhov’s advice that if a bag of peanuts is shown in scene one then they must be used again in scene four.

  3. I enjoyed this scene. All three performers are great. I like to see the power dynamics “…and bend over with skirt raised.” And watching those last few strokes hurting Felicity and watching her remain submitting and taking her punishment.

  4. A couple of things to say – firstly …

    This is a rare example of Amelia/Ariel/Joceline administering chastisement. I quote from her recently published memoir called Playing To Lose: “the couple of times I’ve spanked another model, it’s made me cry. Both times left me feeling unhappy and shaken up, and disappointed with myself; many people who are mostly submissive are happy playing dominants from time to time, but it just felt distressing to me.”

    I actually have two other clips featuring a toppy Amelia, one is by Northern Spanking and is entitled Schoolgirls In Space, in which Amy Hunter and Leia-Ann Woods are caned by Amelia. The second was made by Amelia (and Restrained Elegance) for Northern Spanking, likely at the time Northern were experiencing certain difficulties. Its title is Endsleigh Finishing School – in that one Amelia smacks the bottom of Niki Flynn!

    And in more recent work for her own site, I’m sure that Ariel has punished Zoe Page at least once.

    My other comment is about “Miss Havering Instructs Again” and the shoot location. Great to see the lovely Adele again in the venue where I briefly met her in 2013. Can it really be 10 years since she, you, Irelynn and Nimue made Pure As The Driven Snow for me? And also Leaving Day for all the world to see. We played there too, of course, in that wonderful little school. Nevermore, sadly.

    1. You’re quite right that she tends to be at the business end of a spanking! So this is a rare viewing for spanking fans. Thank you for sharing details of the other instances.
      The shoot location is actually in a different venue now, but they’ve reset it all up so that it looks the same and you can rent it for sessions and filming
      Time flies, doesn’t it?! We’ve made so many fantastic projects together – I don’t know if you’ve seen, but Queueing for the Cane has actually been nominated for Best BDSM Movie at the AVN Awards!

  5. This is very nice movie in classic format.
    Shame I probably wont be able to get it on C4S for contractual reasons.
    Still can remember back in the grim old days of the 1970s when there was hardly
    anything spanking in films AT ALL.
    A movie on 8mm on a rickety old over heating 8mm dusty projector humming away
    projected against a bare wall in a tiny Bayswater bedsit curtains drawn,one of a choice
    of perhaps half a dozen total such ‘Spanking’movies in the whole country at the time
    from a well known, spanking’Soho Bookstore was a real novelty and absolute thrill.
    The depiction of erotic spanking was practically unknown and unobtainable.
    Not surprising as back in the day every day 1000s ‘real’whackings were going on with Societal approval across
    the length and breadth of the land from domestic bare btm slipperings on a nightly basis to extensive and frequent
    ‘canings’daily in academic establishments (as many as 50,000 er annum according to STOP)all without so much a murmur of awareness from the daintily clad 16 and up dollies parading around 1970s Britain!:)
    This situation was apparently entirely tolerated ‘normal’and treated as something of a joke!
    The exotic preserve of the occasional far away place like Germany California or Denmark.
    With 1000s available today at the press of a keyboard & even live on demand spanking on certain ‘cam shows’few spankers realise how good they have got it!

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