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Preview image for The Headmistress' Study. Pandora Blake sits on the desk, flexing a tawse

There's a glint in her eye as she flexes the cane. Does strict headmistress Pandora Blake relish dishing out corporal punishment?

It's no wonder naughty boys and girls tremble when they're told to visit the headmistress. Leaning imposingly against her wooden desk in a tight grey skirt and shirt, Pandora Blake looks like she'll deal swiftly with any wrongdoing.

She holds the tawse in her hands, running the leather over her palms. Flexes the school cane, and reaches for the flogger – ready to administer corporal punishment to any student who deserves it. This photoset shot in the Headmistress' Study will appeal to fans of corporal punishment as well as school spankings, and the look in Pandora's eyes says she'll enjoy meting out justice to anyone who bends over her desk…

Photography: Nimue Allen


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13 Responses

  1. The beauty of a photogallery is that you can interpret it however you like.

  2. Some beautiful photography from Nimue and suitably stern expressions from Pandora. I adore the furniture as well.

  3. I got more than my fair share of canings at school many years ago but none of my teachers looked like you sadly.

    If they had done I would have been even naughtier and willingly bent over.

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