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Preview image for Michelle's Sponsored Caning. Michelle Knight, naked from the waist down, bends over the back of the sofa as Pandora Blake canes her

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Bondage enthusiast and experienced activist Michelle Knight joins us to fight against the UK porn laws. From the extreme porn legislation in 2008 to the Obscene Publications Act and ATVOD, she's angry about the way censorship is snuck into UK law.

“You can tell that the government is doing this under the radar. They don't want a discussion on this.”

Michelle is so passionate about it that, despite her lack of interest in corporal punishment, she wanted to join in Pandora Blake's porn protest and put her bottom on the line to raise money to fight the laws. Michelle prefers bondage to spanking – she runs the website RealBondage.co.uk – and she has not been caned in a long time. She has certainly never taken fifty strokes straight from cold before – least of all on camera! With breaks for deep breaths and banana cake, and an impressive inner courage, Michelle powers through all fifty. It clearly hurts, but Michelle is determined, and she stays impressively calm as Pandora wields the cane – even though every stroke leaves a swollen red welt on her bare bottom.

Performers: Michelle Knight, Pandora Blake

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11 Responses

  1. I love the unfazed little smile in the last photo. So nonchalant, “…and what?”

    Literally: bad ass!

    Go sister!

  2. On top of the incredibly eloquent and insightful interview, what an amazing job Michelle did at taking those 50 cane strokes! If she ever wants to dabble further in spanking, she’s certainly got a butt made for it 🙂

  3. Ouch, those cane marks look super red and sore on her white bottom. Her position is rather revealing, showing not just the genitals, but almost her bumhole aswell!

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this film being published since we shot it. Despite not being interested in caning, Michelle took her caning beautifully, and calmly, and her determination to endure it for a cause she believes in was inspiring.

    And of course, I have to also mention…. that bum, those vivid welts – utterly gorgeous!

  5. Isn’t it an awesome interview? And those stripes! I think Michelle probably got sick of me cooing over them 😉

  6. It was certainly a revealing position, and not the easiest to maintain either – I know from experience that it tightens the skin on the bum and makes the strokes sting more. She was so brave.

  7. I’m really glad Michelle stepped forward to take part – her contribution and her voice were really valuable. And the way she took that caning – “inspiring” is definitely the word!

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