The Bully’s Comeuppance

Film (22:51 mins) with 36 screengrabs
Preview image for The Bullys Comeuppance, with Theo Mischief being spanked hard over the knee and given a hard belt whipping by Blake

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Blake has come a long way since they were at school – a veritable journey of personal discovery. Halfway through a date one weekend they realise why their dinner companion seems so familiar; he was one of their school bullies, part of the gang that saw them publicly shamed and slippered for indiscretions they didn’t commit. They could simply call the date off and move on, of course. But perhaps this is an opportunity not to be missed…

Theo himself has changed a great deal since his days in uniform. He’s come out, for one thing. But he never saw any consequences for the way he treated Blake back at school, and he still feels badly about it.

Bad enough, in fact, to agree when Blake asks him to strip half-naked and put himself over their knee. One sound hand spanking later he’s bare-bottomed, humiliated and exposed, bending for the belt of his former victim.

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The Bully’s Comeuppance - Behind the Scenes

Consent lies at the heart of the story we’re telling in this scene: Theo’s punishment spanking is as important to him as it is to Blake. As always, consent was also the backbone of our backstage negotiations; we take time to make sure our performers are as comfortable as possible, and as a happy side-effect of this we find this allows us all to go to deeper, more interesting places with the scenarios we create.



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Theo Mischief

As a porn studio, our primary aim is to produce horny films that turn you on. Sexuality and arousal themselves, though, are deeply rooted in far more complex considerations; fear, pain, taboo and trauma all have parts to play, and you can’t understand how to get people hot under the collar without also considering where their shadow lies. In the afterglow of filming a particularly edgy scene – The Bully’s Comeuppance – Blake and Theo found time to sit down and talk some of this through: Theo’s experiences during his first day on a Dreams set, stories of some of the edgiest scenes they’ve each done in the past, and their personal thoughts on the deeply emotive politics of porn.

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