Cane Me Instead

Film (running time 11:08) with gallery of 18 screengrabs.

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Headmistress Lorraine runs a tight ship: school starts on time, the girls are well-behaved and all misdemeanours are punished. When one of her seniors earns a caning, Lorraine is disappointed – Samantha has always been such a good girl – but not entirely surprised. It happens to everyone, in the end.

What does surprise her is when one of the girl’s parents shows up in her office with a simple suggestion: cane me instead.

Pandora hates the idea that Samantha will be punished for something that is, ultimately, the responsibility of her parents. After a little negotiation, the Headmistress agrees – just this once, she’ll acquiesce to the remarkable request.

Which is how Pandora finds themself bent over in the Headmistress’s office waiting for six of the best, a fate they’d managed to avoid all throughout their own schooldays. The caning is firm, efficient and startlingly painful, leaving them wincing and remorseful as they try to regain their dignity enough to pull up their trousers and rub their sore bottom. They’re resolved to do better and make sure Samantha is always at school on time – not least because if she’s late again, one of them will have to take another caning!

Preview Gallery

Cane Me Instead - Behind the Scenes

At the end of a long day of filming, our performers have a couple of scenes left to shoot – and it’s time for Blake to get six hard strokes of the cane. “Why do I do this to myself?”, they ask jokingly, tired from the day’s work but keen to do the scene justice. “Because you’re a masochist”, camera operator Nimue reminds them. Ahh yes, that…


5 Responses

  1. Lorainne and Blake are definitely the dream team when it comes to headmistress office scenes. Personally. I am so pleased that Blake’s knickers were not lowered, to have done so would have ruined the reality effects, same goes for realistic number of strokes: a traditional six-of-the best, with the voice-breaking stroke coming on number 4. Exactly how I recall it being at my school. Superb!

    I continue to miss downloading videos to watch on a bigger screen than my phone. If that feature is not coming back because, as you say: It works better for you, would it be possible for us to purchase videos, such as this one, on some other platform e.g Clips for Sale? Then when my subscription runs out, I can use my money to buy exactly what I want, when I want it.

    1. I can reassure you that the feature is coming back with time. In addition, it will be possible to buy individual videos directly on our website.
      In the meantime, videos can be bought individually via Clips4Sale. We release them there a few weeks after release on our site so that our subscribers get exclusive access for a time, and then they are published on Clips4Sale for purchase here

  2. Lovely colours and the knickers are the same colour as my high school jumper 🙂

  3. A nice video, well done. I think that Lorraine went far too easy on you Pandora 🙂 Nevertheless very entertaining. Can’t wait for the downloads to start again.

  4. The Dynamic between Pandora and Lorraine is really good it stands out in their other shoots as well.

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