Tight Skirt Tease and Grind

Film (20:53 mins) with 9 screengrabs
Pandora grinds against the back of a chair, in a tight skirt

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Pandora Blake can hardly contain her horniness as she admires her curvy figure in her brand new tight pencil skirt. How can she get herself off without getting undressed?

Pandora has a new skirt, and it’s a perfect fit: it hugs her curves beautifully, emphasising her waist and bottom in all the right places. As she admires herself in the mirror she can’t resist squeezing and groping her beautiful backside, outlined so clearly by the tight fabric. As she does, she muses aloud about how fuckable she looks and how long it’s been since she was last spanked.

In the end, the sight is too much – she’s dying to play with herself, but she couldn’t bear to undress when she looks so hot in her wiggle skirt. She ends up grinding on the corner of the desk and humping the back of the chair, enjoying the feel of the hard furniture across her tightly-clad bottom and between her legs.

You can really feel how horny Pandora is in this film as she teases herself, never quite allowing herself to reach climax.

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5 Responses

  1. This is so erotic! It made me recall a couple of incidents from my past. 1. I was boarding a train and slung my heavy suitcase forward. As I did so, a young woman in front of me took a step back. The corner of the case went right between her cheeks (she waa wearing a light dress). I was mortified, but she turned round with a look of delight. 2. I saw the same look on the face of a doctor with whom I worked. We were in a cramped office. I was just closing down my computer, and did not notice she was in the filing cabinet behind me, bending down to retrieve a file. I pushed my chair back and it went right up her arse. Again, I was mortified, but she was unmistakably pleased. x

  2. Those are two incidents that very aptly fit the theme of this week’s release! It’s amazing the pleasure we can achieve while fully dressed 😉

  3. I’m glad there are other people who have the same quirky kinks that I have.

    I love skirts, pencil skirts, office skirts etc. Pandora really excelled in putting together this really erotic skirt tease.

  4. I’m pretty sure you were wearing this outfit when I came to see you? You look lovely in it! The green really suits you and goes so well with the black blouse! Such a lovely reminder of my visit!

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