Hitting the Sales Targets

Film (22:08 mins) with 96 screengrabs
Willow and Pandora shake hands over Clara, who is bent over with her bare, spanked bottom on display

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Clara has worked hard to get to the top of the heap, and now she’s there she intends to enjoy all the perks of her position as thoroughly as she can. Her favourite of those perks is one she couldn’t get at any other company – because this sales firm takes a traditional approach to employee discipline, and the company paddle has quickly become Clara’s favourite corporate toy.

Pandora is usually one of the business’s top sellers, but this quartershe’s not been meeting her usual targets. She’s been called into Clara’s office to account for her lacklustre performance, and face one of Clara’s legendary humiliating bare bottom paddlings in front of all her office colleagues.

But it seems that Clara’s been enjoying her role as company disciplinarian a little too much – and who knows what might happen if her sore-bottomed underlings find a way to get their revenge?

Pandora Blake hasn’t been hitting her sales targets – but thankfully her boss Clara Hewitt knows just how to deal with an underperforming employee. Until Faerie Willow arrives to switch things up, that is!

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Hitting the Sales Targets - Behind the Scenes

Just as a boss negotiates targets with their employees, so does a top negotiate scenes with their bottoms – and with all this spanking, scritching and scolding there was plenty to discuss. Even so, there’s not a lot Clara can do to make herself look shorter! Blake also shares a top tip for film-making with only one camera – you learn something new every day on our sets.



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End of Shoot with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow

It’s been a hard day’s work, and – still in their neat, pleated uniforms – Clara, Pandora and Willow break open the bubbly and curl up on the sofa for a tired-but-celebratory chat. It’s a chance for the three of them to discuss the stuff they’ve filmed together that day, figure out their favourites and hatch a few potential future plans – including a surprisingly sexy twist on the ever-popular boarding school fantasy!

Tastefully Weird with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow

Our recent weekend-long shoot with Clara Hewitt and Faerie Willow produced some of our very hottest films, and as a bonus extra we snuck time for a chat. Listen in as we cover how they got started in sex work, what the differences are between their personal and professional kinky personas, and how they coped with the various pandemic-related restrictions of the past eighteen months. They’re consummate professionals with years of experience and they found their own ways to work through Covid – some a little more unconventional than others! We also get to learn about a particularly special niche Clara has cornered…
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12 Responses

  1. Looks exciting! I’ve worked in retail(though in the storeroom) under some stern voiced women, much like Clara. I like the gifs of Clara slowly pulling Pandora’s black knickers down past her buttocks and then Pandora bouncing around with her sore bum wobbling!

  2. Clara makes for a very stern manager indeed, I would quake under her jurisdiction! The GIFs are a recent addition to our site and we are loving them, glad you are too 🙂

  3. It was also fun seeing in the Behind The Scenes video how you make the magic happen.

    Good to hear that the “exposure stuff is very much [your] kink”. I do enjoy seeing you, and your colleagues, being exposed and embarrassed.

  4. It was also fun seeing in the Behind The Scenes video how you make the magic happen.

    Good to hear that the “exposure stuff is very much [your] kink”. I do enjoy seeing you, and your colleagues, being exposed and embarrassed.

  5. Very fun scene, I love the shift in dominance. Willow is the cutest dom ever. I would love for her to come over and show me who’s boss!

  6. I absolutely love, love, love this! Especially the humiliation, which is a really important aspect of punishment for me. This was just wonderful!

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