Lady Godiva

Film (8:57) with 32 photographs
Preview image for Lady Godiva. Nimue Allen bends over the table, dress lifted to display her stockings as Pandora Blake stands holding a riding crop

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Based on a scenario by James M, inspired by a real life incident which took place during University of Nottingham student Rag Week, summer 1976.

The Pony Club's newest member is in trouble with the Treasurer for her unconventional efforts during Charity Fundraising Week. A brisk whipping with the riding crop drives the lesson home.

Photography: Thomas Cameron

Preview Gallery

Lady Godiva - Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes during the filming of Lady Godiva. Nimue and Pandora help Tom block various shots; both ladies struggle with improvising suitably posh dialogue; and Pandora’s hair keeps falling out of its bun!


12 Responses

  1. Hi Pandora,
    I like this one.I think there is something about a girl with big fleshy buttocks getting a whipping or the cane.Well done Nimue,you took it well.Having been whipped with one of those myself I can only guess what you went through.Perhaps a little harder next time Pandora

  2. Pandora,

    Thanks for crediting me with suggesting the background story. It’s still less than 3 weeks since you and I enacted it (very differently) one very warm Thursday afternoon in Kings Cross.

    The crop slaps are satisfyingly loud, but the bright natural light makes the marks on Nimue’s bottom seem faint. The stills capture them a bit better.

    Nimue’s reactions are lovely; my compliments to her. I got to meet her (and Adele Haze) albeit rather briefly when you let me pay a flying visit to another shoot back in July.

    I look forward to the next episode relating to the Pony Club.

  3. Nimue has a beautiful bottom and she takes the riding crop extremely well – especially since she wasn’t originally scheduled to do a bottoming scene that day, and was already pretty sore! I like to vary the intensity of spankings on the site so next time I’m sure it can be harder, meanwhile you might enjoy the very severe riding crop thrashing Nimue takes in My Lady’s Pleasure which leaves her bottom red and marked.

  4. Thank you for consenting to let us use your idea, James! I would have given you a little more notice of my intention to do so, but as you might have read on the blog, our schedule for this shoot day was turned upside down after the male switch I had initially booked didn’t show up, so we had to scramble to find some other material to shoot instead.

    I agree with you that the bright natural light doesn’t do the marks any favours. I’m actually feeling a little anxious about it now. We shot some very intense scenes in that room (including my full force 50 stroke caning) partly because the light looked really good at the time, and I’m worried none of the marks will show up as clearly as they did in reality! I love using natural light, the colours and shadows you get are so much richer than with studio lights, but it is easy to have too much. It surprised me to learn that overcast, grey days can be better for natural light shooting than bright ones. I’m still learning and hope that the burnout effect hasn’t plagued other scenes filmed in that room.

  5. Some gorgeous shots of Nimue’s plump arse and she looks lovely in those black tights.

  6. Seen the full film now

    I quite like the resolution with the tea and biscuits. I like the whole “We should behave like proper ladies!” thing 🙂

  7. Thank you for the link to My Lady’s pleasure, which made an interesting follow-up to watch immediately afterwards!

  8. I enjoyed this scene! I had a good laugh when I found out what Nimue’s unconventional method was.

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