Charley Says

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Preview image for Charley Says. Molly Malone is over Pandora Blake's lap, her bare bottom on display as Pandora, dressed in a satin nightie, spanks her with a hairbrush

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Raver bunny Molly has been out dancing all night and comes home late on Saturday morning to find her girlfriend Pandora enjoying a leisurely lie in. Pandora is glad Molly had a good time, but when she finds out the party girl has been irresponsibly accepting drugs from strangers, rather than going through their usual network of trusted contacts, she thinks Molly needs to learn a lesson about personal safety. Pandora takes Molly over her lap, still in her skimpy clubbing outfit, for a long, thorough spanking with hand and hairbrush.  

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Charley Says - Behind the Scenes

Molly struggles to unlock the front door, Pandora repeatedly calls Molly by her real name, and there’s cat fur everywhere during the making of ‘Charley Says’.


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  1. Hi Pandora, I like this film very much. I like the intimate interaction between you and Molly.
    Molly has a lovely bottom and I loved the part when you spanked her then massaged the cheeks before continuing with the spanking. Running your finger nails across her red bottom must have been bliss for her. I know because when I’ve been spanked my dom dose it to me.
    Great film !

  2. Well Molly had clearly misbehaved herself and deserve the lesson she received. Beautifully done and I love when the intensity and pace picks up in the central section of the spanking. And then the introduction of the hairbrush – nice touch – well more than a touch obviously. To me that brush seems just great in this story context for imparting good stingy smacks but without being over heavy. Of course, not sure Molly deserved quite such a pleasurable looking bottom cheek massage (judging by her reactions) if she was truly to learn a lesson!!

  3. Thanks Johnny, we were spending quite a lot of time together when this was shot. Happy memories!

    She did get lots of soothing bottom rubs and massage… well, I found it hard to resist and she was being so sleepy and adorable I felt that a girl who had been bouncing around all night deserved a bit of a nice relaxing rub after being taking her correction so well. It certainly is a lovely feeling!

  4. Thank you Yianni! Well spotted, this is the Mason and Pearson and it seemed to be the thing to use. Molly will tell you that it certainly did the trick.

    This scene is a kind of lovely ambiguous halfway between serious correction and pleasure spanking. In real life I find the two don’t always need to be separated, especially if your disciplinarian is also your lover!

  5. I must say realy enjoyed that one great play between the two of you and close up of the spanking

  6. Thanks! I’m pleased with how the light worked out in some of these shots. And with Molly’s bottom really, you can’t go wrong!

  7. It’s not difficult to see why the camera loves Molly, especially her absolutely perfect bottom in this clip, but what really makes this clip work (for me) is how Pandora plays her part of a slightly ‘ruffled’ looking lady who has indeed just been woken from her sleep by the outrageous Molly party animal who has been out all night.

    Pandora’s look is absolutely beautifully natural & really rather lovely.

    Of course what she does to Molly for her wrong doing is first class……..the perfect erotic hand spanking ever, and the introduction of the hairbrush I think has both ladies floating on air, their lustful feelings of want and desire being driven to the max, subconsciously sharing their innermost pleasures in this very intimate meeting.

    The hugs & kisses at the end are………yes……..the icing on the cake to an absolutely flawless piece of beautifully produced erotic artwork.

  8. Another superb film starring Pandora and Molly, surely the most delightful spanking double act of all time! Two beautiful ladies interacting in a very natural but very erotic way. I recently tweeted that Pandora is a class act and that view is only strengthened by the quality of the work here.

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