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Andrew has been cleaning all morning, and reckons he's earned a little smoke break. Unfortunately his mistress Pandora catches him, and drags him back indoors for a sound over the knee spanking. 

Andrew has been working all morning, cleaning Pandora's house, sweeping and mopping the floors. He ducks outside the back door for a well-earned smoke break. Unfortunately, his mistress catches him and drags him back indoors for a sound over the knee spanking.

Once he has been well and truly punished, she orders him to strip naked, then gives him back the apron and tells him to finish his chores with his red glowing bottom on display. 

Photography: Nimue Allen

Performers: Andrew Shada, Pandora Blake


Preview Gallery

The Spanked Houseboy - Behind the Scenes

Before shooting his first video for Dreams of Spanking, Andrew talks to Pandora about a range of topics including his kinky interests, spanking and power exchange; being a bisexual switch; his experiences of male/male spanking; why he opted for historical costumes scenes, and what drew him to shooting spanking video.,Tom asks Andrew how he feels after his first day of shooting spanking video – what he found easy, what he didn’t, what expected and what he didn’t! They also discuss the strap, the crop, switching – and whether he would come back for more.

Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to shooting with you again in 2014!


15 Responses

  1. He is cute! Lovely undies and that shot of his bum over your lap looks as good as Michael’s OTKBB shots. Finishing the work with his bottom showing? I know where I’ve seen that before 🙂

  2. Isn’t he a cutie? Beautiful slender figure and lovely, authentic acting. We did four films with him after this and I’m looking forward to previewing them!

    Heh – a red spanked bottom showing through the back of an apron is definitely a kink of mine. 😉 Probably not one I should revisit too many times, although – hrm – I haven’t done a naked waiter scene yet … 🙂

  3. Excellent scene. I love the scenario; strict, old fashioned, OTK hand spanking on tight undies and then bare bottom. What could be better? Pandora is lovely and, as always, a fantastic actress/spanker. I love the new model, Andrew. Can’t wait to see more of him. Any chance of seeing him in an OTK m/m scene? He’d be perfect. Thanks and Great work.

  4. Thank you! I was a big fan of the parrot undies, I picked those out for this scene from the selection he brought as I couldn’t resist using them!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my performance too 🙂

    As it happens we did shoot two M/M scenes with Andrew and Tom, one of them an OTK domestic paternal/son type scene. In fact that’s the first of his videos that is scheduled for release. Look out for it!

  5. Can’t wait for the Andrew/Tom clip. And again, great work, Pandora. Love these recent videos.

  6. Actually the “doing work with bare bum on display” reminded me of Spanked in Uniform where the girls often forced to resume their jobs with bottoms bare after their spankings.

  7. Ah, I haven’t seen any of those episodes but yeah, it’s a pretty standard M/F trope. That’s why I’ve only used it so far in F/M and queer F/F contexts. I like subverting stereotypes 🙂

  8. Have finally seen the full gallery. There are some very good photos showing the shame and embarrassment on his face. Not to mention the proud satisfaction on Pandora’s face when she makes him totally strip in order to finishing cleaning dressed only in the apron. Just an awesome roleplay. I would get so much satisfaction from doing something like this.

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