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D brandishes the belt, while pinning a prone and bound Pandora

A woman waits in a dark room. The man in the long leather coat wants information from her, but is that all he wants? He takes her down, and piece by piece dismantles her resistance.

D and I had a lot of fun shooting this edgy, noir interrogation sequence. We didn’t choreograph the scene in advance, and so most of what happened took me by surprise. I particularly remember having my shirt ripped open, one of D’s hands closing over my mouth and throat as his other explored my body. And being pinned to the floor by my head with the sole of his boot – a kinky fantasy I had confessed to him some time previously, but really didn’t expect at that moment! I loved every minute, although of course my character was meant to hate it. Being able to struggle as much as I wanted was a rare pleasure!

Getting changed in the dressing room after shooting this scene, D and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We ended up getting rather naughtier than perhaps we should have… just one of many good memories connected to this intense, exhilirating takedown scene.

To find out more about the story behind this scene, click here.

Photographer: Roy Tersley


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19 Responses

  1. Awesome photography Pandora! The use of light and shadows is quite impressive. From the opening shot of you in fearful anticipation. the shoot presents a compellingly erotic story. You and D really sizzle.

  2. Exactly as described. Perfect. Excellent. Could/would make interesting video/film.

  3. For another house, playing off the ideas in V for Vendetta. For a variety of reasons including post-facto technical problems at the editors, it was good but not what we had in mind. I would very much like to have another shot at the concept once we can afford it; but this kind of thing is much, much cheaper to shoot and get right in stills than on film, so it may be a while.

  4. This is lovely to hear, thankyou. Glad to know it’s not just me who likes this sort of thing!

  5. Wouldn’t it though? Jacq’s made a similar request too. I think it would be a much more ambitious endeavour, and would need a significant budget on cameras/crew in order to get the same sort of arty shots. But it’s on the wishlist for sure.

  6. Mm, sort of. “Acquiescence” was an interrogation, yes, but of a very different style to this one. Mind games/CP more than sexual sadism/physical violence. I definitely agree there is more to be done here once we have the budget.

  7. I’m glad to see I am not the only one who would like this as a film! And I would be more than happy to crew when you do make it 😉

  8. I strongly doubt that film would come anywhere as evocative as the photography. Btw, my compliments to Roy! Wish I could shoot half as well as he can.

  9. The lead photo Pandora lying down rates with the best of the best the way the clothing is arranged etc.
    The site is back with fizz after its recent hic up.
    Fair do’s.
    One thing though elicited by the recent technological breakdown…I did find having to down load WinZip photo files for photos a bit of a hassle.
    WinZip is one of the oldest systems for this type of stuff.
    I dont know about other Browsers but on my machine its not possible to open thumbnails of the 96 or so Zipped Photos.Only Icons.In practice this means that each photo has to individually opened at about 10 secs a photo just to see what its actually a photo of!
    As you can imagine this is very time consuming instead of the “see at a glance what youve got”systems with most systems.
    Having said that this site is showing great promise and innovation.
    I particularly enjoyed the Pandora Being Caned in Five Pairs of Pants(or was that another site?)a first for s Spanking site.
    Pandora has delightfully put on some weight and this goes well with her often new attires of “Secretary”Nu West type Tights,Stockings and High heels.
    This style suiting her a lot better than the kilts and tartan school dresses of yesteryear.
    More power to your elbow!

  10. Hi Lazen! That’s a bit strange that you can’t see the thumbnails. What operating system are you using? I’m on Windows, and after I’ve unzipped the zip archive I’m able to view the image thumbnails just like any other files on my computer. Is there another archive format which would suit you better – .rar maybe? I’m open to suggestions!

    The “five pairs of pants” clip is on http://NimuesWorld.com, it was a lot of fun to film 🙂

    Also it’s quite reassuring to hear that you like my figure at the moment, sometimes it feels like people are only interested in seeing super-skinny girls and I much prefer my body with a bit of curve. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  11. Just a note to add that it looks like Layered Punishment hasn’t been released on Nimue’s World yet, but I think there’s a preview trailer on SpankingTube which is perhaps where you saw it.

  12. Not quite my cup of tea……just not into these kinds of more edgy scenarios.

  13. Only a true hosiery fan would pick out the stockings of all the things to notice in this scene 🙂

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