The Party Whip

Film (17:02 mins) 75 screengrabs
Take a delightfully camp romp through Parliament in this F/F spanking film starring Pandora Blake, Lana Moon and a heavy leather flogger. Who knew that ‘three-line whip’ was meant literally?

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Take a delightfully camp romp through Parliament in this F/F spanking film starring Pandora Blake, Lana Moon and a heavy leather flogger. Who knew that ‘three-line whip’ was meant literally?

“You will understand that there is a reason I am called the Party Whip…”

Newly-minted MP Lana Moon has a dilemma: ought she to vote with her conscience, or stick to the party line? She believes this to be her own decision to make – but Pandora Blake, the Party Whip, soon sets her straight on that front. Not that there’s anything “straight” about the ensuing hijinks!

To retain her seat, Ms. Moon must take a solid flogging on her seat – and to tell the truth, she doesn’t seem at all unhappy about the prospect. Pandora delivers the requisite punishment with practiced style, beating Lana’s beautiful pert bottom bright red. She doesn’t go easy, either; this is one meeting neither of our pornographic politicians will forget in a hurry.

It doesn’t seem like Lana has really learned her lesson, mind you – in fact, we’re pretty sure she’ll be voting incorrectly again at the earliest possible opportunity.



Preview Gallery

The Party Whip - Behind the Scenes

This was one of the first multi-performer scenes we’ve shot since the pandemic began – and our safety protocols took a little getting used to! As usual, we’ve laid it all bare in this behind-the-scenes clip – from jokes that didn’t quite make the final cut to Lana Moon’s perfect bottom.

We’ll also discover the origin of the silliest, campiest line in a film full of silly, camp lines. Apparently we’ve got Dave the cameraman to blame for that one…


9 Responses

  1. Here in America one of the whips (they are called the “majority whip” or “minority whip”) was disturbed to find that the symbol of the office actually is a whip — much larger than the one you wield in the video.

  2. Another great film. Lana has a lovely bottom and love her vocal responses varying from giggles to gasps. She is lovely and where did she get that lush underwear from? I really hope a follow up is planned where the Party Whip is exposed as ‘fake news’ and both are punished by the ‘real’ party whip.

  3. I LOVE your follow up scene idea! I think that’s so creative. Definitely adding to my scripts file, I’ll be sure to credit you when the scene goes live 😉

  4. That’s really interesting! I think that’s definitely what whip means, i’s just meant to be metaphorical.

    I would have loved to have done the scene with a long single tail, but I’m not particularly skilled at using them. Plus,there wouldn’t have been space indoors!

  5. Actually, there are quite short single-tails – no longer than 3′ overall – that can be thrown like a dragon-tail in quite limited space.

    A long singletail? I agree that requires more space . . .

  6. In that case, the missing piece is just my skill with a single tail!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone to teach me in post-pandemic times.

  7. I really love the flogger, definitely my favourite to be on the receiving end of!

  8. This one is gorgeously heavy, I think you can tell Lana’s enjoying it!

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