Not In My Joint

Film (18:34 mins) with 60 screengrabs
Anty bends over the back of a chair, knickers down, to be caned

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“Brace yourself: this is going to hurt.”

Pandora has been away for a few weeks, leaving her home and dogs in the care of house-sitter Anty. When she’s back a little sooner than expected, she’s surprised by what she finds – that weed-happy Anty has been taking advantage of Pandora’s hospitality in more ways than one. It’s clear that somebody will have to pay.

Sparks fly between the uptight homeowner and her stubborn guest, which can only be resolved with severe punishment. Anty’s foul mouth gets her into even more trouble, but she takes it bravely – although Pandora doesn’t pull her blows. Each hard stroke of the cane is lined up with a firm, clinical precision, a glint in Pandora’s eye as she perfects her aim. The resultant collection of welts is perfect, but Anty’s defiance ensures that there’s more to come. Pandora reaches for a supple leather strap, and that set of red-hot lines is paddled to a burning rosy glow before she is satisfied.

Not In My Joint shows off Anty’s sharp tongue and impressive tolerance in her Dreams of Spanking debut. There’s an exciting energy to the clash of wills in this hot coercive caning fantasy – which, as butch bottom yields to vicious femme, reveals an undercurrent of sexual tension that is unapologetically queer. Will Anty learn some respect, or will her rebellious spirit remain unquenched?

Preview Gallery

Not In My Joint - Behind the Scenes

Flubs, negotiation and lots of laughter as Anty encounters some of the ridiculous aspects of shooting porn – from clapping to sync the audio, to having to talk to an invisible person over your shoulder. See David nearly getting in the way of the cane during a closeup, Pandora losing count (luckily, the welts make it pretty obvious), and Anty proving to naysayers that she can sit down even after a beating like that!


21 Responses

  1. That was hot. I think Anty would make a good player to take the part of Lucy and turn the sound file into a film.

  2. Im a stoner myself , and that was pretty funny to watch. I really like to smoke before a cane someone , it feels way more deep. Still waiting to see Lola Marie punished with birch.
    With best regards xx

  3. I know I am going to enjoy watching it, when I subscribe again next month. Going on the preview, Anty has tremendous scamp appeal. xx

  4. This looks awesome Pandora. Going to have to renew my subscription to catch up on the new material. You look so hot wielding the cane.

    Would you happen to be wearing tights in this clip?

  5. Ooh, that’s an intriguing idea! I’ll ask her if she’s up for it. The audience might have to be suggested rather than shown though…

  6. Glad you liked it! Getting high and getting caned sounds like the ultimate self indulgent luxury activity to me right now… But maybe that’s just the lockdown talking.

  7. I hope we gonna meet in real life someday , I really like your style in spanking , best luck for you and your team , especially for Lola Mary and of course Amelia 🙂

  8. You were talking of a re-enactment of a judicial Manx birching some time ago. I would suggest that Anty would be the perfect subject for such a film.

  9. Audience? Hmm If you start at the point the class has been dismissed you would only have to find three teachers, if you wanted to go that way. I’m sure you could find volunteers 🙂

  10. Ohhh right, I was thinking of another story! Yeah the Lucy one would be really fun to bring to life although I think Anty prefers to play with women?

  11. There have been some wonderful short clips on Twitter of Anty and Pandora, filmed by @dchessuk, so I was so excited when I heard that Dreams of Spanking were going to release a full length video and this was every thing I hoped for..

    Anty is a very brave girl and she takes a real caning here, accompanied by some great lines of dialogue.

    My favorite ?

    Probably Anty’s mocking question, “Dinosaur time ?”, just before Pandora delivers another hard cane stroke to her bare bottom.

  12. Antsy is alluringly androgynous. Whatever the Italian for tomboy is, she is it. What a lovely derrière she has too! Let’s see more of her. In Jenni Diski’s novel ‘Nothing Natural’ the central character recalls how, as a schoolgirl, she was envious of the boys who were bent over the desk and caned. Antsy would be perfect in a scenario where a girl passed herself off as a schoolboy in order to experience a caning. Rather than being a punished pupil, she is an agent following her own desires. Having a scene at the end where she tells her mates what being caned is really like—I imagine that would be fun to hear!

  13. Love this video, its so well acted by both Pandora and Anty. Good to see images of Anty’s bottom prior to the cane doing its best ( or worse for Anty I suppose) and she really does take one hell of a punishment. Hope to see more of her in the future. Excellent thankyou all.

  14. Thank you very much! Anty is wonderful, she’s the most badass bottom I know. What an impressive tolerance, right? I loved making this film with her!

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