Fuck My Hole

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Pandora Blake fucks Tai Crimson in the ass as she's bent over on the bed

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In the final instalment of this deliciously filthy two-partner, Tai Crimson finally gets what’s coming to her from Pandora Blake and her toybox – and it’s not just the cane, either!

When last we left Tai and Pandora, it was with a deliciously dirty promise: now that she’s covered in bruises and thoroughly warmed up, it’s time for Tai to have her tight hole filled as much as possible. This is a huge fantasy for Tai, but it’s not one she’s had the chance to fulfil all that often – so she’s desperately looking forward to having Pandora open her up.

Getting spanked with a buttplug inside you is an incredible experience, and it’s clear from Tai’s face that she can feel every tap running straight through her body. After some warming up, Pandora finally eases the plug out – only to replace it with her own thick strap-on cock, making Tai kiss it before she lubes it up and slides it in.

This is a stunningly filthy scene, and one of the most explicit we’ve ever released. The dynamic between Pandora and Tai is perfect, and the whole film is a truly immersive experience for anyone who loves this kind of eager submission in the face of nurturing, firm dominance.

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Fuck My Hole - Behind the Scenes

Presentations as beautiful as Tai’s don’t happen by accident: it took a little bit of camera wrangling to get that gorgeous angle! We get a closer peek into Pandora’s box of tricks, and listen in to some of their excellent pre-scene negotiations – as well as some beautifully unscripted bonus play by way of aftercare…



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Tai Crimson

At the end of a full day’s shooting, Pandora and Tai talk about the scene they’ve just filmed – Caned at Home. Tai is disappointed that she didn’t cry, but she’s happy that her desire for bruises has been fulfilled. They discuss differences between shooting a theatrical feature like Houseboy, and a day of shorter scenes like this one (more kink per hour, to paraphrase Tai). We hear how Pandora felt playing such a mean character, and Tai talking about her lust for tears. There’s some frank discussion about personal kinks, the fetishising of trans bodies and sexuality, and how Pandora and Tai are both working to challenge the stereotypes.

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  1. Gosh, this was very hot!!! I would love to be in Tai’s place, with you doing this to me, Pandora!

  2. Great film Pandora. Still riding a roller coaster of emotions! Never thought I would ever contemplate this but with you doing it………….

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