Pandora lays nude on a plush background

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Pandora Blake is back as our most sadistic little sister in this audio story about blackmail, coercion and brother/sister spankings.

The Head Girl’s big brother has been at it again – and this time his misdemeanours are of a more sexual nature. When Pandora catches him in bed with his girlfriend, she doesn’t miss a beat: she’ll get what she wants, or she’ll release her evidence not only to their parents but also to the parents of the young lady standing abashedly beside him.

So what choice does he have? Backed into a corner by his own sadistic little sister, he’s forced to bare his bottom and submit to his most embarrassing spanking yet – and all the while his girlfriend watches.

Pandora lovingly describes the spanking she’s about to give out, going into the most beautiful detail about the pain she means to dole out and the marks she means to leave. What will his girlfriend think when she witnesses his humiliation?


5 Responses

  1. There is something especially delicious about a man or boy having to submit to corporal punishment from a woman, or extra special, a girl, normally considered to be of an inferior or at best barely equal standing. Like as in this case a sister, but a junior employee, a maid, or heaven forbid, a daughter. It’s always nice when she’s allowed to watch, but when she’s administering it and he has no choice it’s off the charts.

  2. That subversion of power and expectations is exactly what we love here 😉

  3. That subversion of power and expectations is exactly what we love here 😉

  4. A wonderful end to the trilogy I think.

    At school, Rachel probably never took much notice of her boyfriend’s younger sister in the past. However she will most certainly take notice of her now.

    I can imagine the two girls passing in the corridor, exchanging glances, Pandora perhaps wishing her a “good morning” and Rachel replying uncomfortably, knowing full well that she is in her power now. Any time she pleases, Pandora can take the (I think) older girl to vacant class room, pull up her skirt, pull down her knickers and spank Rachel’s naked bottom just as hard as she spanked her brother’s bare backside.

  5. Those hidden power dynamics, unspoken and shared in glances. It makes me drool 😉

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