Memories of Spanking

Film (12:09) with 60 screengrabs
Preview image for Memories of Spanking. Pandora Blake shows off her pantyhose clad thigh and shows the belt she wants to be spanked with

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Ah, the golden glow of nostalgia. In this POV spanking film, housewife Pandora Blake reminisces about the old days. She reads to you from her childhood diary, telling you all about the delicious humiliation and embarrassment of the spankings she received as a schoolgirl. Sat with her legs crossed, she relives memories of caning and slippering with a wistful smile on her face. Which will catch your imagination more – the stories Pandora tells you, or that perfectly angled view of her gorgeous, pantyhose-clad thigh?

Pandora admits to us she still gets butterflies at the sight of a leather belt. Picking one up, and running it across her thigh, she tries giving herself a few swats – and it’s clear that time hasn’t dulled the belt’s effect on her. These days, Pandora indulges her spanking fetish by talking to her cam network of Ladies Who Believe in Corporal Punishment. She gives us – and them – a whistle-stop tour of her favourite domestic spanking implements, all easily found around the house, and gives us a demonstration with them on her own plump bottom.

Dressed up for the occasion in a schoolgirl gym kit with thick red gym knickers, Pandora muses on the effects of different tools. A thick wooden paddle (or two), a pair of ping pong bats… all perfectly serviceable implements for a hard pantyhose spanking. And as Pandora gets out a mean-looking birch – along with the more innocent-seeming, but equally painful plastic bubble blower – she pulls her gym knickers down and shows us her big and beautiful bare bum as she treats herself to a spanking. But in the end, it will always be the belt for her. You never forget your favourites, do you?

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12 Responses

  1. I love the idea of reminiscing on times gone by and remembering exciting experiences. Pandora, you really tantalise us with these little insights into past spankings and canings. The actual self-spanks in this film aren’t I guess all that hard for a dedicated spanking fetishist. But the way it is done with the commentary really sets the thoughts racing. It’s amazing too is it not, how slipping in little details can send such a thrill into the mind and emotion of those who love giving and/or receiving spankings? I’m thinking particularly of your referring with some gravity to a TWENTY minute spanking with the paddle. That sort of little seemingly throwaway reference is such a catalyst to the spanking afficionado’s imagination, and something I’ve loved in spanking erotica for as long as I can remember really.
    Finally, you look as always absolutely adorable in tights round your btm. And you peel them down most wonderfully! Best wishes. Yianni (Mr LondonX)

  2. Oh another sexy POV video πŸ™‚ Big, plump, beautiful bare bum. lol πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh Pandora, those lovely bare buttocks of yours, I cant get enough of them. I love the low angle of the shots particularly of the one with the cane laid across your cheeks.

  4. The angle is interesting isn’t it? Although Pandora is reminiscing as a spankee, the angle means she is looking down at the viewer. This – for me – makes her seem dominating and authoritative. A curious and extremely playful mix.😊

  5. Pandora I’d love to see you do something similar to this, but in the character of a cross-dressing boy. Perhaps, dressing in your sister’s clothes—or stolen knickers–and spanking the seat of your panties with a hairbrush.

  6. Amazing film, love the story telling bit at the start and then all those implements πŸ™‚ You look so sexy in those tan tights Pandora

  7. The trailer provides a lovely little glimpse into this lovely ladies spanking history and of course along with the history we get to share in the delight that is Pandoras wonderful bottom
    Devine! πŸ™‚ BBJ xx

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