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Becci Belacqua

Since I first discovered my sexuality I knew that it was a little darker than most, involving complex power dynamics and wicked taboo fantasies. On moving to Brighton for University, I discovered a vibrant fetish scene including the Alternative Market, where I quickly amassed an arsenal of implements - paddles, crops, canes, clamps, the usual fare of vibrators, and some more unusual weapons. The pride of my collection is a 5ft Sjambok which leaves the most beautiful bruises.

When I started going to fetish parties I would always bring a bag of paddles, showing them off and offering to test them out on the people I met! I love the reactions I can get. The squeaks and gasps when I bring a paddle down hard, the way people more obedient and submissive with each hit.

I recognise that reaction in myself too, delighting in the delicious submissive headspace I fall into with a good hard spanking. I like finding out how far I can go, and am excited about training myself to take harder spankings each time. Spankings can make me gasp, cry, and sometimes even giggle. They frequently make me wet and embarrassed.

Filming only heightens the excitement for me. As a dominant, filming lets me show off my total power, getting an exhilarating thrill which somehow both excites and steadies me. As a submissive, being filmed in the intensely vulnerable situation of a spanking leaves me weak-kneed, the embarrassment and humiliation only adding to my submissiveness, emptying my mind of anything but the need to please my dominant.

I mostly film solo content for my own fansite and am thrilled for the chance to work with Pandora/Blake for Dreams of Spanking. Blake inspired me in my own work when we first met at a porn film festival, and I have been following Dreams of Spanking for years, wanting to be in front of the camera myself. Finally getting to work with Blake on spanking fetish content is a long time dream coming true.

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