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Seani Love
London, UK

Hello, I am Seani Love and I love to explore the kink scene! Whether it's spanking bottoms, tying up maidens or exploring dark kinky ritual, you'll find me always happiest when I'm hurting some innocent (or deserving) sweetie.

I first got into kink as a late teen when my girlfriend and I used to take turns spanking each other. Around the same time, I also started exploring spirituality through Paganism and Tantra. Over the years, the two threads of kink and spirituality have had many beautiful overlaps, a touch of which you might see in some of my Dreams of Spanking films.

These days I work as a professional kinkster offering beatings, rope play, darker fantasies and rituals to my different clients around the world and I run workshops teaching people how they can do the same. It's a beautiful life!

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