The Beastmaster

Film (12:13) with 40 photographs
Preview Image for The Beastmaster. Seani Love has a naked Ron Beastly kneeling on a leash

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Ron Beastly is a wild, growling beast, captured in chains and manacles, ready for use in spells. As his wizard master, Seani Love has the task of taming him.

He wakes the beast up and beats him into submission. Careful to keep his hands away from the creature's snapping, snarling mouth, Seani Love wields a whip on the beast's back, thighs and bottom. Grappling with Ron Beastly as he struggles and growls back at him, Seani flogs and punches him before he eventually gets him into a collar and lead. Punished and subdued, the beast sleeps.

When he wakes up, the creature is hungry, and his master has brought food. But before he can have a bite, the beast must learn obedience. Seani makes him crawl around on all fours before he is allowed a taste of meat. But in this M/M whipping porn fantasy, who will win out – will the beast turn on his master, or can the wizard tame him?

Read Ron Beastly's blogpost about shooting this scene here.

Photography: Pandora Blake

Preview Gallery

The Beastmaster - Behind the Scenes

Join us behind the scenes during filming of m/m whipping scene The Beastmaster, in which Ron Beastly lets his cuddly side out, and you can see some of the giggles and improvised additions to the scene – a lot of enthusiasm for punching, and an on-the-spot idea to feed the beast meat as part of his training. We also learn a few lessons in how to make spanking porn: sometimes Pandora has to cut for continuity to make sure we see Seani Love picking up the right whip.



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Ron Beastly and Seani Love

Professional kinksters Seani Love and Ron Beastly introduce themselves to the world of spanking video, and talk about how they’ve found their first spanking film shoot. Both Seani and Ron are practitioners of tantra and conscious kink, and the guys chat about their interests, their work, how they met and how they came to porn performance – plus some teasers about the spanking scenes they’ve got coming up next!

3 Responses

  1. Whilst I wasn’t attracted to this scene in an erotic sense, I love its strangeness and weirdness The low level background music especially adds to this flavour I think. It feels downright mediaeval and I could imagine it in a setting in an ancient ruin. The mention of wizardry and spells helps as well. (Is that some Parma ham that Ron gets rewarded with later on!? The beast is in fact being rather well looked after I’d say.)

  2. Thanks Yianni! When Ron suggested a beast fantasy scene I was instantly attracted to the idea of exploring a completely new (to me) kink, and given we had already cast Seani as the top for this shoot, putting him in the role of a master wizard just felt perfect. Even as we shot it, though, we weren’t sure who our audience would be! I’m sure there are fans of werewolves, furry creatures and wild beasts out there, but do they like M/M whipping porn and will they find this website?

    It’s always a risk trying something new but it was a pleasure to explore one of Ron’s real life kinks and I had such fun putting this film together. And yes, it is parma ham! I always treat my beasts well on set 😉

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